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Greetings from Birmingham, America!

Well, I thought I introduced myself last weekend but that was a different forum (I'm also a Sig NewB).

First time Kimber owner, long time admirer. My [first] Kimber selection was the Ultra Aegis II. Shoots very well with low recoil and great follow-up. When I trust it a little more it will likely become my primary carry...we'll see.

I'm a long time Glock and H/K subscriber ... those have always been my primary carry. Right now, I'm just really enjoying SAO with the 1911's (also own a Combat Commander). I've finally come to trust condition I know my first shot is about as fast and accurate as can be. Next purchase will be Kimber of the .45 flavor -- Ultra or Pro (again, for potential carry).

Anyway, glad to be here...thanks for having me!
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Welcome again to the forum goodoz.
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Welcome to KT.
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio


NRA Life Member
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Welcome from Oklahoma.
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Goodoz, welcome to the site from Tennessee! Glad you like your Aegis, I don't own one of those but do have three other Kimber 9mm's.

Lot of good choices of Kimber Ultra's and Pro models in .45acp.
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Welcome from the Chicago 'burbs.
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Welcome to the forum!!

Ohio Chl holder
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Howdy from Texas! Welcome to Kimber Talk!
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Another welcome from Ohio.

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