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Old 06-16-2016, 05:59 PM   #1
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Chico (The Tourist)

I've been out all day and just got home to find a message from Chico on my answering machine. From the sounds of it he damaged his eye again and will be having more surgery tomorrow morning. Maybe he spoke with Snow Tao and she will have more information on what's going on, my prayers go out for him.
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I hope he's ok.
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I hope he is ok too
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Prayers and positive thoughts his way.

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We have some Prayers from Tennessee heading Chicos way. Hope everything is good.

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I talked to him yesterday and he was fine. WTF! He needs to stop using his eyes to close doors or open cans, or whatever...
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Prayers sent....
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Be well Sir Chico of the Knife....
We're rooting for ya.

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Get well soon Chico. Our prayers are with you.
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Oh no! Will be praying for his eye and overall health. Chico is definitely one of the good guys.
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