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I will be less offensive....soon

Well probably not less offensive, just less often! ha!

After 6 months of retirement (insert going crazy) I have accepted a position with a state agency in a training capacity (well mostly). Dogs and guns again!!! Lots of driving and travel as Arizona is a fairly large state.

So I will have a little less free time to spout off on my political views of current events since most of my technical knowledge was posted and exhausted long ago!
Yea. Keep telling yourself that split times donít matter.
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Congrats on the new position. Just remember, you have already retired once, that one is in the bag. Now it's a matter of having fun. Do it as long as you enjoy it. Save the money or use it to "Play" and "buy toys." If they piss you off, you can tell them what you're thinking without concern of repercussion.
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Congratulations on the new gig Mike, I could think of worse things to do than enjoying the AZ landscape. One time I sat down in a shady spot in a canyon back in the Superstition Wilderness, when I stepped back onto the trail out of the shade it hit, it was like stepping into an oven! An oven with really pretty scenery :-)
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Just when I started liking you, LOL Congratulation on your next chapter. Dogs and Guns, cant be to bad of a gig, Throw a cute girl in every now and then and it would be perfect.

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Whew! I thought you found a new body wash when I saw the subject.

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Good for you Mike,
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Congratulations Mike! Please try to squeeze us in because your knowledge is very much appreciated and will be missed. If you have to text and drive. Just kidding. Peace.
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Congrats and best wishes!I am certain that you will perform your new duties to the highest standards.
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It's good that you have something new to do.
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Cograts Mike and good luck. I like your articulate political posts.

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