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Congressional Black Caucus :-(

...I just read an article that talked about the CBC's plans to make noise next week in the house. Their instructions are to be "as disruptive as possible" in an effort to advance gun control legislation. There was no mention of a rational argument being used, just "disruption". Comforting to think that "squawking by minorities" could be the basis for our rights being taken away.
...when I was a kid "squawking" was a SURE way to NOT get what ever it was, too bad my grandmother isn't the speaker of the house. Now that would be fun to watch :-)
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They need to run their a--es out!!!
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Whether it's the "Black Lives Matter" movement, or the Congressional Black Causcus, using one's skin color to intimidate or harass others is just another form of terrorism. I don't negotiate with terrorists. I just wish our elected leaders didn't either.
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Do we have a congressional white caucus?

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If the Congressional Black Caucus wants to address misuse of firearms, talking to a bunch of suits in Washington is the wrong audience. They need to go to Chicago and listening for muzzle report, then head that direction for a chat with those who are jerking the trigger.
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Originally Posted by Zoomybaby View Post
Do we have a congressional white caucus?
You can't do that, that sir would be racist.
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Originally Posted by Chuck43 View Post
You can't do that, that sir would be racist.
How true.

imo...Big cities need YBMCA, YWMCA and Y'whatever'CA's
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...all that really counts is $$$

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If the CBC wants to exercise gun control, it should tell all the black thugs to stop shooting each other and stop committing crimes.
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Wink Oops!!

You missed the point Gmountain!! Their idea is to disarm law abiding folks so that the Congressional Black Caucus' bros don't get shot while they are committing crimes!! That is the kind of gun control they are talking about. They aren't interested in the general public's safety in the least!! Nothing could be further from the truth!!

We Want The Obama Girls!!!.jpg

Obama and his pals in the CBC would change their tune real quick, if these guys hung around outside the White House, smokin' weed, drinking, singing filthy rap songs, praying to Allah, while wearing suicide vests and chanting, "We want the Obama girls!!" I can see the headlines now.......RADICAL OUTLAW TEEN GANG, PROBABLY ARMED, REPELLED BY U.S. SECRET SERVICE. MOST KILLED INSTANTLY. SURVIVORS TORTURED FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE RADICAL GROUP, THEN KILLED. NONE WERE INNOCENT! THEY ALL NEEDED KILLIN'!!! THIS WAS DEFINITELY NOT WORK PLACE VIOLENCE (EXCEPT ON THE PART OF THE SECRET SERVICE!!)
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...are you suggesting that they solve their problems in their communities THEMSELVES Gmountain? Let me get this straight, you're talking about personal accountability? Sorta like the FUBU thing, "for us by us", only for conduct rather than baggy clothes, what a novel idea :-)
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