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What Bill left out....

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...that's all fine and dandy Brew but 75% of our fellow humanoids are probably more influenced by what Katy Perry (she is HOT) had to say tonight? Considering that we may have to brace ourselves for going on a ride with Hillary driving :-(
...buckle up my friends.

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Thanks Hoffbrew, thanks Dick. With all that money you'd think she would have gotten a face lift. Of course with all those faces where would you stop?
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Originally Posted by cousinmark View Post
Katy Perry (she is HOT)
I like her. I like like her.
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Originally Posted by montanaResident View Post
I like her. I like like her.
I'll second your like her!
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Exclamation What A Crock!!

What a surprise, a Clinton lying!!! Nothing new there. I bet it was hell to pay for Hillary trying to keep Bill away from Katy Perry!!!

I just want to know if Hillary has plans on re-distributing Katy's wealth to low lifes that refuse to support themselves!!! Maybe she'll re-distribute Barack's wealth, too!! I'd like to see that!!!

Then she could send him back to Chicago to go back to being a Community Organizer!!! Michelle could then wake up in a house, in the hood, on the southside of Chicago, that WASN'T BUILT BY SLAVES!! That should make her much happier!!!

Shutdown Hits DC.jpeg
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She is the worst.
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If there was ever a video that needed to go viral, it's this one.
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You all may like her but she already like me, and so too bad for you

As for this post, isnt it sad how even our so-called hard news people concentrate on nothing but fluff and fast news any more!? A real news analyst would have brought this up in prime time as soon a Billary opened their mouth and spewed that fairy tale story.
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You all may like her but she already like me, and so too bad for you
Hillary?? LOL
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