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Central Ohio man advocates killing cops, then calls 911 for help

Central Ohio man advocates killing cops, then calls 911 for help.
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I think the local law enforcement should also have the right to not respond to his calls.
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What a fool this guy is. ..With ignorance like that he may not make it to his 66th birthday if his house was being robbed and the leo's were a bit slow responding to his call for help..
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Give this turd the number for the White House to use, instead of 911.
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Wonder why one of these crazy turds don't call for "Make America Great Again, Support Your Local News Media Killer."
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Hypocrisy at its finest-also stupidity at top notch
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When the first Ferguson riot happened, saw on TV there was a black girl who was breaking into a store, smashing the windows -- cause, you know-- she was "protesting" against the police?

She cut herself and began yelling: "call 911, call 911."

Wish the police could just flip the bird and go have coffee!!
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Old 08-01-2016, 01:15 AM   #8
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Unhappy Hmmmmm?

Why wasn't this guy dragged in for a psych evaluation, while his home was searched for weapons. Sounds like a classically mentally disturbed individual to me!!

How about one of the Ohio judges stepping up with a court order for the psych evaluation and search warrant for firearms!!! Hello!!?? Any judges out there in Ohio with a pair of stones??? Get the rubber room and the 46 Extra Long (sleeve) jacket ready for this guy!!

Why not act BEFORE this knucklehead commits a mass shooting!!! This could be a whole new novel approach--actual prevention of a violent gun crime!! WOW!!
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