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Time for an honest-to-goodness gun safe

The firearm collection and the grandchildren have both grown in numbers to the point where a gun safe is essential. Plus the times are such that it's increasingly apparent that one's valuables can't be taken for granted.

One of my local gun shops has some Liberty safes at what I think are reasonable prices. There's no way I'm going for a Chinese-made safe so I'm not even considering Walmart, Rural King, Costco, etc. Plus I've seen the YouTube videos.

So i'm aware of Liberty and have heard of the Browning, Summit and Fort Knox brands. Anybody have an opinion on these... or others they think are quality? I want a good one... it's probably destined for my stepson.
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The one I have had for a long time and I consider is a good safe is a National Security.

I think it may be similar to the Fort Knox.

Empty it is very heavy it has fire protection.

I don't really have a point with this but Friday I went to Cabalas, to keep from fighting the crowd at the new Bass Pro Shop that just opened 2 weeks ago...anyway I noticed all the big nicer safes in Cabalas had "there name Cabalas" on the door instead of Liberty or Fort Knox or whoever made them. That struck me as kind of strange for some reason.
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I have a Liberty, works great, love it.
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Any quality safe is better then none or a sheet metal locker. I have two a Browning( excellent ) and a Visalia safe company (ok ). I'm a firm believer in good old fashioned dial combo locks, no electronic locks for me.
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I have a Liberty and would recommend it. Combo for me as well. No electronics.
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I agree Liberty is a good safe. I have stayed with the electronic lock. They do have to be replaced periodically, mine lasted 10 years which I am told is the average life for an electronic lock. If that is a concern stay with a manual lock.
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I have bought both of my safes used. One was on Craigslist Older Cannon Dial lock. The other safe I just purchased about two months ago. It is an older Sportsmans Safe Co. Model also a dial combination lock. Saved some money by buying used but I had to move them myself with the help of my large friends that live next door. I definitely believe in the dial combination lock. Both of mine are Sargent and Greenleaf locks. They have been around a long time.
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I have a Liberty and Sturdy Safe. Both company's are local to me so free delivery!! Both are dial, that's what I prefer. I wanted a high fire rating, heavy and able to bolt down. I am off the beat'n path so wanted to make sure they couldn't get in fast.
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Even a sheet metal locker is better than nothing when there are children around. Wish I had a nice safe, but opted for a cheapo electronic style form Costco. Better than under the bed.
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I have a Cannon safe with electronic lock. Very nice safe, well built. I would prefer the non-electronic lock, but have had no issues with the electronic. As others have said, any safe, even a sheet metal one, is better than nothing.
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