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Who Would Win The Election Today?

Take a look at this site: FiveThirtyEight.Com, Nate Silver has an uncanny nack of doing accurate statistical predictions. He evolves the predictions as well... Trump has done himself a lot of harm the last few days.
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Sure seems like he is doing his best to blow it.
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It is all Cruz's fault for not endorsing Trump during the convention, and for telling people to vote their conscience. Who knew Cruz had such power?
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He who shoots self in foot limps to the finish line. .

The Donald needs to pick his battles and just s t f up once in awhile. .

I'm still picking Trump over Hagllary..
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His ego is outrunning his brain at this point.
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How much time and real effort are you dedicating to the people and causes you truly care about?
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Originally Posted by Chuck43 View Post
... Trump has done himself a lot of harm the last few days.
On the other hand, please read the below blog entry and consider:

The mainstream media is DESPERATELY trying to make their desires into reality! I've read long (and kinda boring) discussions of polls and polling. Realize: *I* am never counted in any polls, because I have not voted in 20 years! (Pollsters only count those who HAVE voted!) (I actually registered just SO I could vote for Trump -- but the pollsters still would not count me as a Trump supporter!) (Take some small comfort --as I do! -- in the 20,000 and 30,000 folks who actually SHOW UP to see and cheer for Trump; while the CryptKeeper gets 200-300 folks!)

Y'all are surely aware than many many hundreds of thousands of conservative and Repubs long-ago ceased to vote because of the crap-candidates that have been on offer. (The so-called "GOPe" elite" -- the pols who roll onto their backs and piddle on their stomachs whenever the leftie-libs say something mean towards them!) I'm sure some of y'all "conservatives" have either given up, or rolled your eyes and voted for the (barely) lesser of evils!

There's a great saying used on the blog I'm reading most nowadays:
Never interrupt your enemy when (s)he's making a mistake!

Let me quote this again, because it's important!
Phyllis Schlafly and Sean Hannity Want Ryan And The Cuckservatives Punished |
... You know you can win the election by a huge margin, easily, just by keeping your mouth shut. Or you can even pour on the charm, and win by an overwhelming landslide. If you do that, you will easily enter office the leader of a party filled with traitorous backstabbers and lying manipulators – all of whom will be working against your agenda and trying to make you into a failure from day one. They will all want you to lose.

Alternatively, you can take three or four weeks, and do crazy stuff which will both make the contest interesting, and smoke out all of the phonies who are going to be working to thwart you behind the scenes and stab you in the back eventually. Along the way you can cement your cred as an anti-establishment candidate, and be seen by the public as the enemy of a media with an approval in the low twenties and an enemy of establishment politicians who have approvals in the teens. In addition, the conflict stimulus might even drive the nation more K, even as your poll numbers temporarily dip.

Will you have to pour on the charm later, and run a smart campaign to only win by five or six points? Of course. But you will have separated those you can trust from those you can’t, and you will have taken measurable steps toward creating a party that will unite behind you in the numerous battles to come.

The biggest advantage to Trump isn’t his ability to play the media – it is his ability to fire up conservatives at the grassroots and shift the nation toward K. But not far behind that is the fact that his campaign is clearing out the liberal infiltrators of the Republican party, and creating a party that will unify, rather than recoil, every time Trump calls out, “America First!”
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Originally Posted by jms-stlou View Post
He who shoots self in foot limps to the finish line. .

The Donald needs to pick his battles and just s t f up once in awhile. .

I'm still picking Trump over Hagllary..

In the beginning i really thought Mr. Trump would be a real big breath of fresh air in Washington. He talked about everything the working class American has been feeling for many years. Being disgusted with the way government has been running, or not running our country for many years. However, lately, he has been just sabotaging his own campaign. It occurs to me that he really is very thin skinned and just cant use any degree of common sense when it comes to how people will react to his his ever increasing attacks on folks on all levels. I'm not very well well educated in politics at all. Just an American guy who has working very hard for over 50 years and really would like to see our country thrive. Illegal immigrants, social security, medicare, terrorism, business being outsourced and taking American jobs and income are just a few of MY concerns. It is very apparent that Mr Trump is simply "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" Just disgusted with the thought of 4 more years of Obama policies and worse.
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He's in trouble.

Republicans are in trouble.

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...all that really counts is $$$

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Trump has to walk on egg shells. Clinton is pretty much bullet proof, mainstream media will not attack her, meanwhile open season on Trump.
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The media became hysterical when Trump was up in the polls after the RNC. All this media piling on over nothing and sniveling by cowards among some of the republican establishment was to be expected just as sure as the Sun rises in the East.

I'm with Clint Eastwood on all this PC crying by snivelers. If you're a republican grow a pair and man up.
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