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Some good news, for a change...

Went to see the Gurkha for my bi-weekly eye exam. We had a thorough talk, and he stated that my eye is "healed."

Now, that word has several meanings. The section he repaired is solid, but not as you might classify a "weld." Many times a weld is stronger than the metal to which it has been applied. I did not get permission to go bungee-jumping.

Because the Gurkha is completely unfamiliar with weight lifting, motorcycling and target shooting, he has been working with my GP doctor to "translate" restrictions. I have been permitted to do more and more over the last few weeks.

He has scheduled a meeting with my medical doctor for this upcoming week, and I will find out just how "healed" I am on 08-15-16 during that scheduled appointment. I have already been given clearance to lift some weight and use the StepMill. The Gurkha is hedging a bit on motorcycles, saying "ten miles" might be a prudent start.

However, I am no longer technically a 'patient.' Yeah, I still have to go to these exams since laser surgery exacerbates cataracts. Over the past few years I have noticed a slight "halo" on singular night time lights, like the ones on a nearby radio tower. While not any worse, I have been warned that this could change anywhere from six months to two years.

BTW, let my predicament be a cautionary tale. While my wife and I sat in the "dilating room" waiting for the drops to take full effect, we chatted with a woman in her later twenties, an admitted diabetic, who had lost all of her vision in her right eye. She had numerous problems over the years, and was waiting for the Gurkha. She had been told that "improvement" might be all she could expect. A full surgery was scheduled for Monday, and while outwardly accepting, there was a lot of fear in that tiny waiting room.

I believe God puts you where he wants you, and normally my Friday appointment is at 7:50AM. This time I was there at 11:00AM, and we prayed.

As I've stated, I watched a surgeon slice open my wrist to find a lost appliance and felt nothing, not a moment's fear or concern. But this "eye thing" has scared me in ways I never imagined.

Take good care of your eyes, and BTW, I hope you all have 100% UV sunglasses and wear them all the time. Right now I'm saddled with those big black "grandpa" ones, but my Oakleys are polished and ready for new prescription!

With luck, I'll be target shooting in a week or two.
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That's awesome news Chico....Thank you Lord.....
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Oh, I'll be cleaning, polishing, stroking and fondling my .22LR conversion kit with tearful glee until the 15th! I've been waiting months for this past meeting!

The lifting got changed a bit. I now have to lift lighter weights more times than my previous routine--how much, I do not know yet. But, hey, I get to actually walk into the black iron portion of the gym instead of past it...
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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That's great news Chico.
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