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Love this! Any other good sayings?

This morning during my annual physical, my doc looked over my bloodwork, ekg, resting hr, and bp, and said I must be a runner. I told her if I'm running, it's because I'm out of ammo, and it's a big bear. If it's a small bear, I'll fight and take my chances.

(Commenter "ThirdMonkey" here:

Then, commenter "Alexander" adds:
Just as the half-liter is too small and the liter is too large compared to the drinking perfection of a pint, so too is the 5k evidence in the hubris of trying to make real life fit into the metric system.
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Of course there's the one about not having to outrun the bear, just your hiking partner.

I haven't encountered any bears out hiking (don't carry to save weight on the trail), but not sure I would be able to not run which is what you are supposed to do.
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Hell..I was just in for my annual check up ..everything went great until the Doc stuck his finger up my butt.....

Do yo think I need a new Dentist
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I hate root canals "but" that seems a little extreme.
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This morning I went in for my annual physical. In addition to the usual stuff, my doctor told me that she wanted a urine sample, a stool sample, and a sperm sample. So I just handed her my underwear.
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Now that's about as "Off Topic" as you can get
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