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Road rage gone bad...

Imagine driving down your local street and the car in front of you stops and just sits there...You decide to honk your horn and all of a sudden the drivers door opens and the person gets out and walks towards you with a gun in hand...

What are you going to do ?? Have you thought of this situation and have a plan in mind already ??..Grabbing your gun or phone first ??..
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I have no idea what I would do except try to get the hell out of there.
Im not going to jail because some bone head is pissed in the middle of the road.
If I don't leave, someone is dead, hopefully him.
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Run him the bleep over unless you can gun him first.

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I'm grabbing my shifter slamming it in reverse and putting the pedal to the metal if I can. If I can't back up it's going to get ugly.
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I can't remember if someone on here posted that video of car shooting or I saw it somewhere else, but they said shots coming into the vehicle are going to drop into your seat, so your hit no matter what. Shots going out are going to go high, so aim low if you are shooting out your windshield. However, they said the best option is to get out of dodge or get out of the car if you can and take cover.
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There are an infinite number of possibilities, what ifs, as you travel thru life. I like to think about what if several 28yo platinum blondes with 44dd cups and all lusting after a >50yo man, were to happen upon my reality. I'm prepared. Bring it on, yeah, baby!
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Old 08-22-2016, 07:22 PM   #7
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I wouldn't go for either the phone or gun, I'd floor the gas and drive around him. 35 years of driving a phone co. vehical, you never stop behind another vehical without leaving 1 car length between you and the vehical in front of you. I still do it today driving my truck, I guess it's burned into my memory.
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Old 08-22-2016, 07:37 PM   #8
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Defend your life or be a victim. If this dude wants to shoot you, you can sit there and accept it and comply quietly to any of his demands or you have the choice to willingly engage in the protection of your life and property.

Somehow I believe I would run over the bastard, but that's just me...
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I drive a 4 ton F350 diesel with a full Ranch Hand front end (bumper & grill guard). I may slouch down a bit before stomping the accelerator. My only regret will be the time it takes to pick pieces of him and his little farty car out of my grill.
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I have a "No Honking" policy.
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