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44th Anniversary

Well 44 years ago today my wife and I got married. Ole Richard Nixon was President. I was 20 and she 19 years old. We went to Chicago for our honeymoon and stayed at the Sheridan Blackstone downtown. We rode the El out to 43rd street and waited for the return El to take us back to the loop.
You could not do that today and feel safe at all. Anyway stayed there a few days then to Milwaukee and ferry the Michigan.
The Chicago of old is no longer. Now I know they have been killing people there since time was founded but nothing like today.
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I love it when a story has a happy ending and many more years still to come.....
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Cool Great!!

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Nelly!! Sounds like your honeymoon was a great experience that can no longer be safely repeated.

Mrs. Lineman and I had a similar experience when we were married in 1970. Yep, 46 years ago, when Lyndon Johnson was President. We spent our honeymoon at The Plaza in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Today, not an overly healthy place to be. Great when we did it, but no repeat engagement for that one!!

Old.Plaza.jpg <---Old Plaza (Circa 1970)
New.Plaza.jpg <---New Plaza (Current)

Many more happy anniversaries!!
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Happy Anniversary!
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Congrats to you and the Mrs.
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Happy Anniversary!!

I'm just a few years behind you but I wasted a number of years on the 1st Mrs.! The second is a keeper and that is a good thing for me!

I hope you two had a great day!
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Thumbs up Congratualtions!

Happy Anniversary! Here is something to shoot for my mom and dad have been married for almost 70 years. My dad is 92 and my mom is 94.
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Happy Anniversary to you and the Mrs.
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Happy Anni-Nelly!

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Congratulations, Nellybelle.

There be some old folk who married young, on this site. We married in 1972 at the ages of 19 and 18. What were we thinking?
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