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A very smart man.

This is a very smart man, telling it as it is. Don't be fooled. Spread the word.

All you brothers and sisters living up in the New England Penal Colony need to share this with your neighbors. Everyone else better pay attention with your own local government.

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The man has a many very good points.
The minorities have been killing each other for decades and not hardly a peep from the gun control nazi's but as soon as the shootings started at the white suburban schools like Columbine and Sandy Hook they pounced on our right to bear arms like flies on manure.
Regardless if we buy our firearms legal and pass every back ground check there is they still want more.
If we don't fight for our 2nd Amendment rights and contact our elected officials who represent us, little by little they will break or rights down if we the people don't stand united..
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If we don't fight for our own rights then we will only get what they think we deserve. that my friends is the sad truth!!!! we need term limits no more open end government..
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