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Angry Colin Kaepernick Wants A Perfect America!!

So you refuse to stand for the National Anthem until police brutality no longer exists and the U.S. has perfect racial equality. Well Mr. Kaepernick, it is time for a reality check!!! No one ever said that America was perfect or ever would be. However, it is a lot closer than any other country on the face of this planet!!! Bear in mind that there ARE countries in this world that would EXECUTE you for showing the same disrespect that you show to our flag and national anthem.

My son is in the U.S. Army and he and numerous members of our family have pledged to and have given their lives to protect Mr. Kaepernick's right to display that much disrespect and disloyalty to our flag, our national anthem and the ultimate sacrifice of thousands of patriotic Americans.

While he demands perfection of his native country, maybe the fans and the team providing him with the salary and celebrity of his position should expect the same type of perfection from his performance!! How about 100% pass completions? ZERO interceptions? ZERO fumbles? ZERO penalties and a touchdown every time he keeps the ball? How 'bout them apples, Mr. Perfect??

From his stats, he ain't even close!! It is guaranteed that he is not getting wealthy off my money!! He is a celebrity and can hold a press conference any time he wants to shoot off his mouth about any issue that he chooses. He just needs to learn to show some respect and honor to the country and the people who provide him with the unlimited right to be such...........AN A$$HOLE!!

Rant Ended! Sadly, my displeasure and disgust with this crusading ass has not!!! Unlike buying a new car from Carvana, Colin Kaepernick DOES SUCK!!

LOSER!!! 1.0.jpgLOSER 2.0.jpgLOSER!!!!.jpgLOSER!!! 2.0.jpgloser-churchsign_loser.jpg
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Originally Posted by lineman73 View Post

Colin Kaepernick DOES SUCK!!
Yes......Colin Kaeperdick seriously SUCKS!
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...all that really counts is $$$

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This is yet another case of a typical "millennial", a mere child as it were who has no damn clue what it took for him to be able to have the privledge of being able to speak his mind, what little he has of it. Just another damn celebrity. I would guess there are a lot more people in this country who disapprove of his stand on the issue than approve of it.
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This is an easy request to fill.

Would someone please drive Kaeperdick to Canada (or Romadi) and then America would be perfect.

One good thing about this nonsense. I no longer think of Favre as the worst, self centered, sore loser in NFL history.

(And Favre's likeness should be required to wear purple at Canton).
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I'm really surprised it took this long for a Krapydick thread. He's a loser and a second rate QB, but it's not surprising that you have a bunch of cop haters coming from the National Felons League.
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I don't know very much about football, but it seems that a disproportionate number of players are d-bags. Sports stars, movie stars, Kardashian stars--they're just not the sort of people that I can get enthused about. This guy Kaepernick, he doesn't surprise me one bit.
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Well stated Lineman. I seen the clip where the President mentioned him...not right. I hope that he is on his spiral going down............
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Originally Posted by Markie View Post
Well stated Lineman. I seen the clip where the President mentioned him...not right. I hope that he is on his spiral going down............
Markie he's been on a downward spiral for a couple years now. Stating the obvious he's no mental genius, can't read a defense, slow though his progressions and forces the coaches to seriously dumb down an offense when he's behind the center.
So now he'll stand on the sidelines holding a clipboard as the backup QB. The 49ers should of just cut him and eat the money, he's just gonna make a bad team worse.
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A perfect America will be him and all arseholes like him on a boat to Somalia.
Let them play with the pirates and take the chance ending up in a Navy Seal's scope!

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Seems like there are many that agree with Colin's stance according to the spike in sales of his jersey...

Hot item: Colin Kaepernick jersey sales skyrocket -

That being said and please pardon my Irish, but Colin is a PRICK that was raised by white parents and hasn't a clue what the black families of the world are going through and the hardships they have just like many other WHITE families go through...

If you really wants to make a stance, take all of your $19 million a year salary and sell that mansion that you have and donate it all to a cause that will make a difference instead of sitting or taking a knee during the National Anthem and insulting every man and women that have sacrificed their life so you can be an ass....

BTW...Colin's house and car....
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