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Folks get along fine....

Generally speaking, folks get along fine... of all races. Around here in Tennessee there's a mixed bag of folks from many different cultures and races, really not a problem.

The problem occurs when people like Obama, Clinton, Sharpton et. al, exploit an isolated or otherwise rare event (police shooting) and make it out to be a wide spread problem to gin up anger and hate with the help of the media in an attempt to garner attention, money and votes for themselves. They are truly evil people.

I hope Trump tells it like it is during the debates.
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My next door neighbor is a black fellow and my across the street neighbor is hispanic and a Ft Bend Co. constable. I'm glad they are both my neighbors as they and their families are damned fine people.

Don't be a horse's @#%, and you and I will likely get along just fine, regardless if you have a better suntan than me or not!
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I try to be friends with everyone. I grew up in the Central Valley in California, a very diversified community. We moved to Tennessee and I have tried to keep that in my mind. As I walk the neighborhood, I still wave at those passing or sitting on their porch. Here when you pass in the country everyone waves, or the always have that element. When I traveled with my job to other countries I always treated those I met with respect. A smile goes a long way when meeting others.
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