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Thanks Chuck43

I saw the post about the Kimber U.S. Match for sale and your post asking where he was located right after it was entered. It was not a model that would pull my trigger so I was not tempted but you may have saved someone from getting ripped off.
Thank you! Happy to know you have our back.

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Old 05-29-2014, 06:15 AM   #2
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Everybody is entitled to their opinion Jeff, I tried to post a warning about scammers and suddenly it's turned into a comedy show about hijacking computer cameras and subscribing to video hotlines. I like to screw around and have fun as much as the next guy and we have a place for that. I support and participate in that area and I'm trying to keep that stuff in it's place. It's not easy trying to be a friend and maintaining order here, I'm damned if I do and I'm not doing my job if I don't. I try to take the path of least resistance, in this case I closed the thread and pissed off 1 guy. The alternative was to delete all the hijacking posts probably piss off 3 guys.
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Takes a lot more to piss me off than deleting my posts.
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I miss all the fun. What really upset me was losing that really super mega nice guy who liked to bitch about the fact that we coin the phrase " breaking in our Kimbers" because he has A Dan Wesson! ( so do I Jackass) and they are so much better. Having people like that around makes me feel soooo much better about myself. Seriously Chuck, I appreciate the tone and temperance of this forum. I have a lot to learn but I hate being patronized, I have a little money for guns but I hate being scammed. A forum is only as good as it's moderator.
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