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"Truth Isn't Fearmongering"

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Some young kid at work told me the other day the old 'if its your time to die' bullcrap after I told him I carry to protect myself and my daughter. The heck with that, if they threaten me or especially my daughter then I am pretty confidant 'it's their time to die'
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Originally Posted by Itsmescot View Post
Some young kid at work told me...
Have no fear, I have a foolproof plan to kill all the millennials.

I take those plastic outlet covers off wall sockets and throw around a lot of copper pennies. It's like the old canard of "a million monkeys and a million typewriters."

Sooner or later a kid who has never worked is going to pick up a penny and surmise, "I wonder if this fits into that wall slot?"

Another kid will video it for Facebook and two hours later they'll all be dead.
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...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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Now that's the definition of HOPE!
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My dad hated to fly. One time a friend was explaining that he should not be afraid to fly. The rational he stated was" when it's you turn to go, it's your turn to go". My dad looked him in the eye and said, " but what if it's the pilots turn to go?"
Dad never flew much. One time he won a trip to the Bahamas. Being in the Navy in WWII he wanted to take the cruise ship trip but he had to fly to Miami.
My mom call from Atlanta while changing planes he wouldn't get back on. Mom put him on the phone to me and he said "tell your mother to go ahead. I'll be waiting here next week when she returns". It was all I could do to convince to get back on the plane . On the return trip he rented a car in Miami and they drove back to Indiana. I wouldn't trade him for anything. He's been gone now 15 years and mom 4 years. Love them both and miss them everyday.

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