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Getting Cold Feet

I didn't like the K6S revolver at first, then the more I looked at it the more it grew on me. Do I own a .357 revolver? several. Do I need another? No. But I thought it might be cool to own a Kimber revolver.

I am losing my warm fuzzy for the K6s.

I think we have had more posts about problems with the K6 than we have had positive posts, now I know there are not a lot of real owners/members here yet. I believe the recent post about the cylinder locking up is about the third complaint of the same problem. That is troubling to me, yes, it's a brand new gun and I expected minor complaints but not these issues that make the revolver not function. What is going on with our beloved Kimber Firearms. No matter how much I would like to at the moment I can't buy a K6s thinking it may only fire 12 or 6 or no rounds at all.

This past year I bought several Smith & Wesson revolvers (some for less and some for more money) than a K6s Kimber and all of the Smith's were probably at least 25 years old or older they all fired 50 to 100 rounds or more without any kind of malfunctions.
I guess what I'm saying is (for now) if I get the urge to spend up to $1,000 bucks for a revolver, I'll be spending it on a pre-lock Smith & Wesson. JIMO
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Wait until the fall when they have the bugs worked out and you can get a deal on a lightly used one on Gun Broker.
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Wink My 2 Cents Worth!!

I believe the issue with the Kimber K6s revolver is the same one that plagued the first issue of Dan Wesson .357 magnum revolvers. They were built to TOO CLOSE TOLERANCES!!! I used a Dan Wesson Model 15-2HV to shoot police combat matches in the early 80's. I found that if you fired a lot of rounds (100+) through it, burnt powder residue and fouling collected under the extractor star and would impair or even stop the rotation of the cylinder. I believe that this is the same issue being experienced with Kimber's K6s.

Dan Wesson increased the tolerances in the Model 15 revolvers in the next generation and the cylinder hang up issue went away. Mr. Wesson envisioned making the perfect .357 revolver. The problem was that he did. It was too good for it's own good!

Once my Dan Wesson loosened up from a lot of heavy shooting, it never had another issue. It was another gun from my long list that I wish I had kept.

So the answer to the K6s issue is shoot the living hell out of it. Like the Kimber 1911's, it needs to be broke in with heavy loads. 158 grain magnums should be the break in fodder!!
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