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Lineman 05-04-2017 10:53 PM

Georgia Campus Carry Is Law!!
Today Governor Nathan Deal signed the Campus Carry Bill into law. It will be effective July 1st. Thus ends one more gun free zone in Georgia!!!

If a person with a Georgia Weapons License can carry nearly anywhere in the state, why should attending college restrict his/her ability to protect themselves?? Criminals have been targeting students for years now. That has just ended!!

As for the additional violence predicted by the naysayers; history shows that it is not in our future. Remember predictions of blood and gunfights in the streets after passage of the "Guns Everywhere Bill"? When does that start?? So far it is just an idle threat!!!

In addition, some anti-gun advocates said that Georgia was going to be like Dodge City. Well, big surprise folks, Dodge City forbid firearms within the city limits. Of course, they also had Deputy City Marshal Wyatt Earp pistol whipping anyone who ran afoul of city ordinances. We fire police officers who do that now days. So, just let the licensed citizen's guns augment those of the sworn officers, deputies and troopers and we will have quiet, peaceful college campuses!!! Let them be places to learn, not be victimized!!

'NUFF SAID!!! BTW, Governor Nathan Deal rocks!!

DaveinNC 05-05-2017 07:54 PM

Hallelujah! Congrats.

Grass Roots North Carolina is working to get constitutional carry here in NC. We hope we can overcome the NC Sheriffs Assoc. They derive a bunch of money from permits, and you know what they say about money.

Markie 05-06-2017 06:52 PM

Good to hear....hope this makes people think.

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