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...not built like they used to be...

Ya' know, if I made three to four telephone calls, I could find a real-deal Samurai sword from the 1870s. And since you guys like Kimbers, you'll all know that their design derives from a 1905 Browning invention.

My telephone, or "cell" as you kids say, lasted a short seventeen years, and then crapped this morning. That means that knives I sold when I still had a land-line are yet in service, but my East German, anthracite fueled flip-phone (coveted by jihadists world-wide) lasted for a shorter time than I've had zits.

Here's the upshot. I lost of all of you, the data cannot be retrieved. I know what most of you are thinking. "That pesky, morose knife grinder will never darken my router again!" Tough talk, unless you have "knife sharp."

Anywho, find a secure way to get me your phone numbers if you want to communicate.

BTW, my "new phone" is also a flip phone, looks like the older one with sportier lines, even uses the same cigarette-lighter jack in my 1997 F-150.

...seventeen years. You can't even talk to a girl that age...
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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Unhappy I had One, Too!!

I had a flip phone, too. I loved it. It did everything that I wanted a phone to do!! Then Ma Bell (AT&T) decided to cease supporting my old flipper and I was dragged, kicking and screaming into the world of "smart" I-Phones.

Now I have APPS running out of my yazoo that I will never use and I-Tunes that I have no idea what to do with. Hell, I can even do my grocery shopping on my phone. That's what I really need!!! I have two grand daughters that can do things on my I-Phone that I never dreamed that it could do. I'm really glad that it entertains them!!

I want my cute blue flip phone back!!! I don't recall ever "butt dialing" anyone with my flip phone!!!

flip phone (1).jpg <----- Note The AT&T "Death Star" Logo!!

Oh, BTW Tourist, my phone number is "2"!!!! I was around the phone company so long that when they started giving out phone numbers, Alexander Graham Bell got # 1, I got # 2!!!!
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Tourist: Same here buddy.....my wife and I just entered the "modern world" too. Since the late Jurassic period we've used flip-phones, then Verizon also decided that they'd discontinue service for them. So.......we were given 'smart-arse' phones from my BIL and SIL as they upgraded to even smarter units for themselves.

We also cancelled our landline, so now we're dependent on these new wonders of the modern age too.

Personally, we had no problems whatever with a landline, and people not calling, texting or bugging us when we're out and about on cell phones. Here's another old fart longing for "the old days". "Smart phones".....phooey!
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Like I said, my new phone is also a flip phone. No directions in the box, only three paragraphs on how to activate it--which the salesman did for me.

BTW, I also had the text program re-set to "T-9." It's the only way I know.
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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Well the "customers" at work (insert as*****s convicts) prefer these

Small enough to easily carry in their prison wallet (insert rectum here).

Yes, we have dogs to detect them.
Yea. Keep telling yourself that split times donít matter.
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