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Everyone remembers their first car. What was yours ?

Back in the day {1980} I had been saving up to buy my first car. The deal with my father was whatever I could work for and save, he would match that same amount.

I remember this like it was yesterday as my best friend and myself were cruising along S. Broadway in my father's car and on this car lot sat this big boat of a car that I knew I just had to have. We pulled over and inquired how much it was and to my surprise I had enough money without asking for the other half from my father.

I went down to the bank with my little red savings book and took the money out that was needed for purchasing it. We went back, paid the guy and away we went. I drove my fathers car and Gene was driving the latest love of my life. As I was following him I was watching puffs of smoke coming out of the tailpipe and not really knowing what that meant nor did I care because I just bought my first car..." I am a grown ass man now"....{ 17 1/2 yrs old}....

As we pulled up in front of my parents house my father was watering the bushes and noticed Gene pulling up first. His first words to Gene were " Don't tell me you bought that gas guzzling boat". Gene's reply was "No sir, Jeff just did". My father just looked at me and asked me how much that I paid for it and how much he needed to add to it. When I told him that I paid cash for it he walked around the boat a couple of times and all he said was "Don't drive it until you call the insurance company". Not one "atta boy" or "good job son", but my father wasn't/isn't the complimenting type..

Long story, but my first car was a 1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham that didn't pass up one gas station that it didn't like {429 4 bbl engine} and burnt oil like no other car I would ever own.

It was a car just like the pictures that I found and even the same color. It had the same interior, just not as nice as the pictures shown.
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I had a deal with my parents that they would help me buy my first car but I had to pay gas and insurance 100% and stay out of trouble. This was in the mid 90's. I found my dream car,a 1966 Mustang with a 289, in the local paper. I still have it and only drive it on nice days. Spent a lot of years and money restoring it.
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70 bug..auto stick....most people hated them..but if you understood how they work and how to tune them they were fast. 150 mph

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Red 1969 Volkswagon Fastback
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My first vehicle was a 1942 International K4 pickup truck. I bought it from a neighbor in 1957, I was 14 years old. The clutch wasn't working, the carburetor was in a box in pieces and the generator was missing. I was working in a junk yard after school, the owner gave me a deal on the parts I needed and showed me how to do some of the work. It took me an entire summer to get it running but I did it and it took another year before I could get a drivers license. That was the first and last vehicle I ever painted, I thought I did a good job even if you could see all the brush marks.
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1962 Chevrolet BelAir 4 door. 327 4 bbl, powerglide and dual exhausts. AM Radio with an added reverb unit. Chrome reverse with baby moons. It was a good old car.....even if it was 6 years old!
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1957 Pontiac Chieftain bought from my old man. Talk about a boat.
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67 Galaxy 500 two door coupe, 289 V8. Mine was Tan with the black vinyl

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1964 Turquoise Chevy Impala... Straight 6, Muscle Steering, Muscle Brakes and built like a tank. Then a '66 Cadillac DeVille, yellow with a black landau roof. Also built like a tank. Sucked to change taillights in it though.

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64 Ford Falcon Sprint, 260 2bbl V8, 164 HP, 17 time class winner at Lebonon Valley Speedway, NY
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