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The age of the drive in theater.

Back in the day drive in theaters was the place to be on a Friday or Saturday night. They are few and far between now, but I was wondering how many of you had one in your town when you were a youngster and maybe a favorite story or two about it.

In my neck of the woods we had two to choose from. One was South Twin and the other was Ronnies. I had many wonderful nights watching the latest flick on film in those days and many fond memories to go along with those hot summer nights.

Now crank up those memories and share your story of the drive in experience in your town back n the day.
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My wife, dog, and I would go to the drive-in regularly, back in the 80's. We'd make popcorn, load up the ice chest, and then watch the movie from the back of the truck. Then they tore out the drive-in to build a K-Mart and it was all over. The last time we went to a walk-in was to see Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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There was one in my home town. Since this forum is PG I can't tell any stories about my favorite times there. There are two still operating drive-In's within an hour from me.

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Lived a bit outside the town I was born and raised in. Population around 13,000 when I was in High School. The single drive in was the Kings Drive-In Theatre. Opened in 1948 and closed in 2012. It had a capacity of 300 cars and a single screen with a little playground in front of the screen. As little kids, we always wanted to get there early to play there and to make sure we got to see the cartoon that played before the double feature. Had a more "mature" type of fun there on dates with my High School GF and that 52 Chevy of mine.

Saw a LOT of movies there till I left for college in 1972.

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I remember as a kid, my mom would make my brother and I lay down on floorboard of back seat. She would put a blanket over us so she wouldn't have to pay admission for us. Probably not a good role model trait but we always thought it was fun
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I remember seeing The Good, the Bad and the Ugly as a first drive in experience that I can remember
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We have one about 20 minutes away that was there when my parents were kids and is still operating to this day. I have never seen a movie there.
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Had 2 in town... Speedy, where you around for Sunnyside Drive In and Woodward Park? Both were cool but the Sunnyside one was easier to drink at 😂 The Woodward one turned into Home Depot
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Wink Heck Yeah!!!

My first memory of a drive-in was when my sister (16 years older than me) and brother-in-law took me and my brother to see The Ten Commandments when I was a kid. That was a long movie for a little kid!!!

As a teenager, in Missouri, we had 4 drive-ins within a half hour drive of us: the Crest, the Fairyland, the 63rd Street and the State Line Drive-ins. We spent lots of time in those places. We actually watched some of those movies!! The Crest showed Bullitt and Bonnie and Clyde for a year and a half!!

The Stateline Drive-In was right on the Kansas/Missouri line.The drinking age in Kansas is 18, so we would load up on beer and head for the drive-in on the Kansas side of the line. Our high school would occupy the last two rows in the drive-in. If an outsider happened to pull in one of them, we actually picked their car up and moved it!!!

The best part was that a young, very nice, yet dedicated Johnson County Sheriff's Deputy was there every weekend. After a couple weekends, he took a walk to the back rows, gathered us all up and told us that he knew exactly what we were doing back there. He then stated his two zero tolerance rules:

-1. Do not bother anyone else.

-2. No car leaves unless there is someone stone cold sober behind the wheel.

He would stay as late as needed to make sure that we were not out driving while intoxicated. He told us that he would rather have us in that drive-in and three sheets to the wind than out driving around in the same condition. A couple of times we did get too loud and rowdy and he made a big show of coming back and pouring our beer out on the ground. We just moved over to the next car, which was also full of beer and turned down our noise level a bit.

That deputy saved us from a lot of grief. My last two years of high school, we had no one from our school picked up for under age drinking. No accidents involving alcohol and most important; no fatalities involving alcohol!! And we never even knew his name!! Thanks Deputy!!!
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