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Now that's customer service.

I have a Ruger SP101. You know....the one built like a tank and is a great carry gun. Well....last range trip it didn't go bang when the trigger was pulled. Upon inspection the firing pin didn't appear. Broken pin or maybe spring? Called Ruger, received a RMA, and shipped it to them last Thursday. Got an email today that said I'll get it back repaired Wednesday. I'm impressed.

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Oh, by the way no charge and I bought the gun used.
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I have had two Ruger revolvers that had to be sent back and you're certainly right about their CS....
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Wink My 2 Cents Worth!!

Of the many Ruger firearms that I have owned over the years, I only had an issue with one. That issue was taken care of by Bill Ruger himself. It was only a part and it was delivered by a private courier in one business day along with a personal thank you letter from Mr. Ruger!

I have never sent a gun back to Ruger. It has something to do with the fact that the dang things are built bull tough!! As I have noted over the years: You can slick up a Ruger's action to be the equal of a much high cost gun. You can't make that same higher cost gun as tough as a Ruger!!!
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I got my first Ruger in 1950, it's the .22 standard and was the first and only gun the company made at that time. The 67 year old gun has well over 150,000 through it and still runs like a Timex Watch. Never had a single problem with it or any of the 5 other hand guns or 4 long guns I have with the Ruger name on them.
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Never had to use Ruger CS but I have several Ruger rifles and pistols, very well made.
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