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What was your dream car?

We just had a thread about your first car. So now, what was your dream car growing up? Not now, as our tastes change, but when you were a teenager?

Mine was a 1970 Superbird with the Hemi. Man, I loved that chisel nose and big wing! I thought that was the coolest thing going! Of course the 1969 Charger Daytona was a close second, but they had overheating issues.


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In 1979 I turned 16 and a neighbor bought a 1979 MGB and I just loved that car. He took me on many road trips with him and I wished so much to have one too. Then in 1987 I had the chance to buy a white one exactly like his and I bought it and that car was in the shop more than I drove it, but it just had the cool factor to me.

BTW....that was the car that I had when I first met GiGi in 1988. Who would have thought we would meet again 22 years later....
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Was really into Smokey and the Bandit. So my first brand new car was a 1978 Black with Phoenix and shaker on hood.
I bought it with just the bare essentials. No A/C, etc.
400 T/A engine with Hurst shifter on the floor. Ripped out cats and put dual exhaust in. Then took that fake bs shaker on the hood, bored out the plastic and put butter-fly in. If a bird flew past, that bugger would suck it in, lmao.
Prob with those cars were undersized crucial parts. Undersized starter, undersize rear diff., etc.
I was constantly replacing them including fly wheels.
Pontiac DID have the great ideas, but they cut corners too much.

Later bought an '87 that was just as big a headache. Major injector problems. Engine blew doing 30 miles an hour looking for a place to fish on a Sunday. Piston came out one side of block, cut right across oil pan and out the other side of block with a hole the size of a soft ball . Loved Night Rider. Created the scanning lights and built one of the first radar jammers installed behind grill. Pissed off a lot of cops and people with it, lmao.

Sadly, got rid of it and said no more! Was fun while it lasted.

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My dream car was a 69 427 yenko camaro. A original one is worth over 200 thousand today
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.........STILL IS........
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I still want a front engine dragster to race.
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Originally Posted by Cucamonga kid View Post
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.........STILL IS........
I was so bumbed out watching the movie Bullet when they wrecked that Charger.
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1968 Shelby GT 500 KR. Never be able to afford one with today's crazy prices but I will still dream.
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I love these.
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