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Dale Jr.

Is it me, or is Dale Jr.'s grand finale season a big yawner? I used to be a huge NASCAR fan, but with old age, I seem to get dizzy watching things go around in circles.
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I watched before all regulations. Richard Petty , Cale Yarborough and Buddy Baker you know those guys. It was about speed and driving and who could build a drive train that would not grenade!
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I agree with you swca, I watched it then and it was wonderful to see who built the longest lasting motor. Still watch it today, Kyle Busch fan, good driver with a attitude.
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Yup, Junior is on the way out and will live comfortably on his endorsement income and big mountain of cash he has saved over the years. If it weren't for his name, he'd be doing landscaping or stocking shelves at the local Kroger. Can't help who his Daddy is but he ain't his Daddy! He's an average driver with way above average equipment IMO! I always liked that he never blamed others for problems on the track(and usually blamed himself too much). I admire him for getting out when he can and hope he doesn't change his mind and try to come back in a few years. I hope the love of his life IS the love of his life and he enjoys the future.

NASCAR isn't what it used to be. It has turned into Indy Car and the rules changes suck IMO! I hardly ever watch a race anymore......never used to miss any!
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Unhappy Not The Intimidator!!!

As much as I like Dale Earnhardt Jr, he is not his daddy and never will be his daddy!! He is an fairly gifted driver, but he lacks the win it or wreck it attitude that made Dale, Sr a legend.

Dale's other son, Kerry, never had near the driving skill of Junior. Now Kerry's son, Jeffery, is driving and has enough skill and the equipment to usually hold down last place in most races. He is purely there because of his last name and nothing else.

I wish Junior well with his new association with NBC, much happiness with his new wife and much success in whatever endeavors he chooses for his future.

I remember the days when Richard Petty became "The King"!! Back then they actually drove STOCK CARS! The car had to be an actual factory built body with safety modifications added.

It all started to go downhill when NASCAR banned the Chrysler Hemi engine because no other manufacturer could build an engine to match it. Then came the "Car of Tomorrow", which had everyone driving exactly the same cars, they were just painted to look sort of like something that was on the showroom floor. The final straw was when NASCAR turned it's back on the fan base---The Good Old Boys of the South. They dragged in Juan Pablo Montoya, Bill Lester, Danica Patrick (and I like her!!), Daniel Suarez and now Darrel Wallace Jr to attract "non-traditional fans" from minority groups. What's next Muslim drivers? Gay drivers? Asian drivers? Native-American drivers? The results? Look and the stands as the cars go by. There are whole sections of seats that are empty. I remember when you couldn't find an empty seat for love or money at a NASCAR track!! Now they pull advertising banners over entire seating sections because they are empty!!

I used to be a big fan. Now..........not so much!! Maybe Junior is bailing at the right time!!


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Unless you follow it all the time and keep up with all the off-track drama... the race itself is not much to watch. Same can be said for most sports.
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