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On The Rocky Road To Recovery

For the squeamish I recommend not reading this.

Well to the disappointment to some Iím alive and reasonably well. The operation last week Wednesday was a 100% success, they replaced my top 3 cervical discs and my arms are now 100% pain free. Unfortunately my extended stay in the ICU was due to 2 faulty blood pressure machines that kept reading my BP in the neighborhood of 219/108. Finally and older nurse wised up and brought in a BP Cuff and Stethoscope, problem 1 solved.

Problem 2, a urinary infection developed the day after I was sent home. A trip to the ER the next day and another to a urologist, antibiotics administered and a lesson in self catheterization, (donít say you werenít warned) solved that problem.

Problem 3 is to let the antibiotics run their course for the next coupe of days and see if they canít knock the infection out of my system.

The big day will be August 11th, the day my neurosurgeon says yay or nay on the removal of the collar I have to wear. I canít drive with the collar on, itís difficult to turn my head and holds it up at a 30 degree angle. The collar can be on as long as 6 weeks.

On a sad note we took Hampton in and had him put down Tuesday, his back legs were close to useless, he was going deaf, and would choke on his food when he ate. We talked about doing it before I went into the hospital but I just couldnít bring myself to coming home and not seeing him one last time. For almost 15 years he slept on the foot of my bed using my foot for a pillow.

The reason for the infrequent updates are that itís difficult seeing the screen and typing with my head held upward on a 30 degree angle.

I've read all your well wishes and love each and everyone of you, I don't know how a person like myself can be blessed with so many good friends like you guys. I can't begin to tell you all what you mean to me. You all have a great night, and stay safe, Chuck Out!
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Glad to hear you are home and recuperating. Do exactly what your doctors say and you'll be fine. So sorry for your loss of Hampton. I know what it's like to lose a loyal companion.
Take care.

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Glad you are ok. 08/11 is my test reading also. These docs have a special day we don't know about?
Really sorry about your pooch.

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My level of happiness exceeds the legal limit to hear your home and recovering. My daughters birthday is Aug. 11th. The cone/collar of shame.

My level of sadness exceeds my happiness about hearing about Hampton, he was a good boy and I know you will miss him on the bright side Thor is still there.

Glad your back my friend!!!
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Really glad to hear the surgery was a success and that you're pain-free. But sorry, really sorry, to hear about your friend. You'll be better than new in no time Chuck hang in there we missed you.
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So glad to hear you're on the mend! So so sorry about Hampton. It's like losing a family member for sure. IF (big if) you're stuck wearing the collar longer, get some women's or men's patterned socks, cut off the foot so it make a tube and put your collar through it. That way, your collar becomes a fashion statement. Somehow it helps the 6 weeks go by slightly easier! You'll stay in my prayers until your released from the doc's care. Do you now have a titanium plate in your neck?
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Really good to hear from you Chuck and doubly good to hear that the operation did what it was suppose to do! Urinary tract infections are usually a routine cure with antibiotics. Again glad to hear from you! Sorry about Hampton 15 not bad for a pup dog. Always hard even when you know it is coming! Hang in there Chuck this group has proven to be there for each other I to enjoy the membership and the friends I have made.

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Welcome back Chuck and glad to hear all is going well with the surgery/post surgery. My heart goes out to you with Hampton!
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you didn't miss anything....
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Glad you're still among us, dude. I was beginning to wonder. Do what the doc says.

Sorry about Hampton.

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