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A Tribute

Harrie was imported as a KNPV PH-1 Malinois and selected to be my partner in Dec. 2007. We obtained certifications as a patrol and explosive detection K9 team.

Harrie was a passionate biter well known for his deep full mouth grip and extreme pressure. He was social and friendly, a clear headed dog. Tireless and fearless. A tough warrior of 85 lbs.

Harrie won explosive detection competitions and put these skills to use doing safety sweeps at NFL and NCAA events, Presidential and other dignitary visits and suspicious packages and other dangerous searches.

Harrie nose in locating critical evidence lead to the resolution of many felony cases by locating crime scenes, cartridge casings, knives and other items. His reputation for "article searches" caused other agencies to call upon him and to encourage others to learn the training technique.

Harrie protected officers by assuming the risk of entering buildings in search of suspects. Trailed murderers, robbers, burglars and the like. In one case he extracted a trouble combat vet out of a car and away from weapons; certainly saving his life and preventing the suicide by cop scenario the soldier was planning.

Harrie led and kept me safe until Aug. 2013 when injuries forced his retirement.

Harrie was never predicted to survive this long. He fought knee and wrist injuries, working a few years with these. Laryngeal Paralysis brought him to early retirement which caused overheating issues in the Arizona desert. Later a cancerous tumor was removed and neuropathy became his enemies.

The vet is coming to the house to end Harrie's suffering today.
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That was a nice tribute Mike. My condolences.

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Sorry to hear of your loss, putting a pet down sick blows. They are part of your family. I can't imagine what your going through as he was your partner too.

While this certainly cannot help, it is a great read for someone who just lost pet

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A different species, but a brother none the less. I know you will miss him and grieve the loss. Wonderful tribute. Remember those words when your heart feels the pain of his passing.
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Sorry to hear of your loss! Nice tribute! I love animals more than humans I hate to lose them.

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I know your pain. As a life long pet owner I have buried many of my friends and it never gets easier ....never.

While you can't add days to their lives ...you add life to their days. And they do the same for you. I can't understand how people go through their lives without a "fur friend"...my life wouldn't be as happy or as warm without my friends.

Truly sorry for the loss of your friend.
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Harrie thank you for your service! EOW is not the end of your memory in those lives you touched. Condolences for your loss.
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Mike, I just went through this with my girl Sophie. It is a painful and humbling event. However, time does make it a bit easier. I will give my new pup a cookie in Harrie's honor this evening and we will have a moment of silence for him.
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Thank Harrie so much for everything and the unconditional love he gave. I'm so sorry for your loss. It just sucks and wish I could make the pain less. It was a beautiful tribute!
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