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Getting A Concealed Carry Permit

I was reading about how hard it is to get a concealed carry permit in NYC and was wondering the procedure to obtain one in your state...

Here in Missouri we just got Constitutional Carry so you don't have to have a ccp any longer, but if you want to travel out of state it is encouraged to obtain one.

When I applied for mine I went to take a class at our range that was 8 hours long and during that time the instructor took half of the class out to the range to qualify for shooting. Back then you were tested on a revolver and an automatic. Since then they have changed to to shooting only one. After shooting the 24 rounds you finish up class and get your application signed by the instructor and off to the county courthouse to apply.

Missouri charges $90 for the license and by law you must receive a response in 45 days. After that you will receive a letter in the mail and if you qualified you take that letter back out to the courthouse and pick up the permit.
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Pennsylvania is a right to carry state. To obtain a permit you go to your County Sheriff's Office. You fill out a form and get your picture taken and pay around $15. You have to list 2 references who live in your county and the Sheriff will send your references a card with a few questions. (This can be different from county to county).They have to fill out the card and send it back to the Sheriff within a certain amount of time. Then you will receive a post card to bring to the Sheriff's Department. Give them the card and you pay between $10-$15 and they issues your permit.
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Michigan is a Open Carry and Shall Issue State. Requirements is a NRA or Equivalent Safety in the Home firearms class. Class is 6 hours of classroom followed by 2 hours of range time. Classes run $100. Take your certificate to the county clerk, apply for CPL ($110) go get finger printed by State Police and you'll receive your permit in the mail in about 3 to 6 weeks. There are no more Gun Boards in the State of Michigan. If you can purchess legally you will be approved.

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Mandatory 8hr class 4/4 classroom/range.
Cost is $75 - $100
Qualify with any handgun.
Issued certificate of completion. (no one fails)

When ya got the certificate then you can apply for a permit at a Driver Services Location. Paperwork, fingerprints, photo and fee of $100 for 8 years or $300 for lifetime.

Application sent off to Nashville Department of Homeland Security. After approval, Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit is mailed to you. Looks like a drivers license and the HCP# is the same as your drivers license.

There's an online application but don't know about it.

Renewals are $50 for another 8 years or $200 for a lifetime upgrade. All by mail unless you screw up and miss renewal over the grace period of a couple months, then you start all over.

There is no stipulation open or concealed.


No permit is required to keep a loaded handgun in your vehicle. Must have a HCP to have a loaded long gun in the vehicle. No restrictions... machine gun or whatever gun you are legally in possession.
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I've had mine so long I forgot a lot of the details, can't remember the initial cost I want to say it was $100 but could have been $125 or even 150 not sure. Signed up at small LGS close to me that is now closed. It was a 2 day class well first part was class instruction on Friday night from 6pm to 9pm. Then Saturday almost all day, first part class instruction and written test followed by range qualify. We could use any pistol/revolver we wanted except .22lr I think. The test was 100 rounds from 4 different distances at the big FBI type target. I took three weapons, Detonics, old Colt Government Series 70, Colt Python .357 as a backup to the backup. Range session was stopped when a lady in the class had a problem with her .357 revolver. We huddled up to hear the problem, Range Master asked if anyone had a pistol she could borrow, I offered the Python. She asked range master if my revolver was "good?" She was new to shooting. He told her I was offering her the use of one of the finest revolvers ever made and if she could not qualify with the Python she did not need to be shooting. She used it and passed. I used the Detonics at 7 yards and the Colt Government at all the other distances. Scored 99 out of 100. (younger eyes, steady hand). That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Got papers that I had to take to a drivers license place, got the card, looks just like my drivers license but in red says Concealed Carry Permit.
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In NC an 8 hour class and test is required, to include 30 rds. at 3, 5, and 7 yds. The instructor issues a certificate, which is taken to the Co. sheriff, where a form is filled out, photo and fingerprints taken, and if you're lucky, the permit is issued 90 days later (that's the statutory time they can make you wait). In the meantime, a HIPAA type waiver is signed and your medical history is all theirs. The cost is $90 for a permit good for 5 yrs; renewal is $75 and the wait is still 90 days.

The county sheriffs managed to kill constitutional carry in this session; those permits are a nice moneymaker for them, along with the $5 for a pistol purchase permit if you don't go CCW. AND yes, the wait for those is still 90 days.
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Originally Posted by DaveinNC View Post
In the meantime, a HIPAA type waiver is signed and your medical history is all theirs.
I have heard of some states wanting to obtain personal medical history just didn't know how many states started doing that.

Personally I believe it's none of their business about my medical history, but more states are wanting to stick their nose in to find out who wants to obtain a carry permit and if they're mentally competent to do so.
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Georgia: No classes required.

Go to Probate Court; complete application; have photo taken while there. Background check is processed. If you're not a known criminal, the permit will arrive at your home in about 10 days. Fee for my last application was $75.
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Oh yeah, I forgot; if you're one of those "prohibited persons" like on the 4473, save your money.
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Back in 1997 when I did my Texas CHL it was an application to the DPS, fingerprints, all day class and about an hour or two on the range. I moved out of state from 2000-2010 and let my license go. Back then there was two classes of license, revolver & pistol.

I year or tow ago, I got around to getting it (now called an LTC) again. The class time was reduced to just about 4 hours, but every thing else was pretty close to the same. No more revolver/pistol differentiation. The wait time was over ninety days due to backlog, but it seems that has been reduced to <30 now. As of Sept. 1st, there is no minimum caliber requirement. Previously, it was .32 or higher.

This is the range requirements:

Here is the main DPS page:
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