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Exclamation Confederate Symbols

It seems that the current politically correct action is to either try to or demand that a Confederate symbol/statue be torn down or removed. Not wishing to pour cold water on the PC rage du jour, I'm offering up the biggest Confederate symbol on the planet--the relief carving of General Robert E. Lee, General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and Confederate President Jefferson Davis on the north face of Stone Mountain (The world's largest piece of solid granite.), in Georgia!!!!

Stone Mountain2.jpg

I had family on both sides during the Civil War. And yes, both sides owned slaves! It is not an institution that I believe in or in any way support. However, members of my family gave their lives for their state, their culture, their families and their homes on both sides. So, it appears that one man's being offended is another man's family history and heritage.

My offer is this: if you are suitably offended, I offer you a free ride up to the top of Stone Mountain on the sky tram. You may bring along the hammer of your choice. I will set up a rope for you to repel over the north face of the mountain. From there, you can hammer away to your heart's content in your best effort to eradicate the carving. By all means, bring friends and like minded whiners. Good luck, you have a big project on your hands! According to facts about the carving, you can park a semi tractor trailer on top of the ear of "Stonewall" Jackson's horse (far right figure of the carving)!! That will give you an idea of the immense size of the carving. If you do not wish to participate in the removal yourself, you really aren't that offended and all you really want is for someone else to do what you are whining about, in an effort to make yourself seem relevant! If you aren't hammerin' away, shut up, pull up your pants and get a job!!!

I'm just sayin' ..............................

For those who have never seen it, I include a YouTube video of the finale of the nightly laser show that is part of and projected onto the face of the mountain. See the carving come to life! If you feel that this is in any way supporting the institution of slavery, please let me know!! To me it shows our history and pure American patriotism!!

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Amen Brother.
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Keith, while I live in GA, I am from the north. One of the first places we visited after moving here was Stone Mountain. That carving in the mountain left a lasting impression on me. Watching the video of the creation of that incredible monument was inspiring & amazing. I didn't think about the north vs the south, Yankees vs condeferates it made me think about the history of this great country & the amazing innovation & artistry that went into creating an incredible work of art that is part of our country's legacy. I hope no harm or destruction comes to it. Will Mt. Rushmore have to come down too? And what about the statues of Lenin & Che Guevera?...why are they even standing in this country, along with at least 6 statues of Bill Clinton? It's not enough for them to rewrite history, they want to destroy it too!
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do mess with the boys.
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this clown on the other hand....
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I couldn't agree with you more.
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I'm afraid we have people in the media and Gov. that are communist intent on destroying our great republic and it's history. Our grandchildren have a tough row to hoe, if this country remains free it may require blood..
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Wow, that was incredible. I couldn't stop watching, not that I wanted to.

Thank you for posting!!!!
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...I've kind of wondered why we haven't heard more about Stone Mountain??? Georgia is near the top of the list as far as the number of Civil War monuments goes. I suppose it's only a matter of time?
...The fact that essentially NONE of our elected officials, seemingly anywhere, can find the courage to say much is truly disturbing!!! These monuments should not be touched, simple as that. The ancient Romans had slaves, the Egyptians used slaves to build the pyramids. Does anyone think the statues of any of the Ceasars should be destroyed or the maybe the pyramids? WTF
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I am a proud citizen of the U.S.

I am a very proud citizen of the U.S. Unfortunately my government and a bunch of liberals that just do not get the fact they are not improving the U.S. but instead destroying it. Which seems like what they are really trying to do. When you destroy history you are opening the the door to repeating our mistakes. You are suppose to be able to learn from history When you destroy it you do not have references to learn from. It is sad to watch my country implode.
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