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I'm having an absolute BALL with this!!

'kay I was NOT much of a 'comics kid' AS a kid -- read some, not many... However... the blog I spend most of my time on: Vox Popoli is run by Vox Day, the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil... (it's a joke, son... but not entirely!)

Vox has written some amazing books (and his blog is fascinating!) -- in fact, his latest book, SJWs Always Double Down, came out Monday. SJWADD is the follow-on to his amazing SJWs Always Lie; and the lead-in to what will be his 3rd book in this series (prolly next year) called SJWs Always Project. (I actually edited SJWs Always Double Down for him last week. GOOD book -- as was the first one!) (Those three book titles are actually Vox's Three Laws of Social Justice Warriors.)

I don't remember how it began -- but recently (in the last... several weeks?), Vox -- after discussion with the publishing house for which he is lead editor (Castalia House, in Finland -- which publishes AMAZING books: mainly GOOD sci fi, military history, and nonfiction!) and others, set-up with an 'Alt-Kickstarter' (using a new outfit call FreeStartr; he had to use the new one because Kickstartr was likely to kick this campaign off their site -- they even SAID so! -- they're nearly as censorious as YouTube Fakebook and Twatter!)

Annnnny way (sorry, trying to lay out the background a bit... or a lot?); he 'started' the campaign for Alt*Hero -- which started out to be a three 'volume' (i.e., three 36-48 page) comic series; to fight against the insane SJW convergence of the comics industry. (Holy CRAP!! They have made Thor into A WOMAN!!!!! You know the Norse God -- the one with the hammers and the muscles and the gorgeous blond hair?! They made him a GIRL!!!)

I don't much care about comics; well, I didn't till Vox posted the first page of the European volume (there are two U.S. "superhero groups" and one in Europe). Whhhhhsst! I HAD to get in on it! SO cool! He posted the first page; see below! (Her name, of course, is Dynamique!) Her face, in the final frame (frame?) of that page made me have to play!) (She is, of course, a French model, oui?)

So, the 30-day campaign 'goal' was $25k for the three-volume comic series. Lowest tier (well, lowest tier with a reward; after the "I just wanna piss off some SJWs" donation with no prize) is $15 for the three digital comics. $30 (I'm in!) for a paperbound version of the three. Higher levels were a special hardbound/case-bound version... and on up to for $5k -- design (with the writer (Vox) and the artists) YOUR OWN SUPERHERO!

Anyway, the $25k was met in four hours. Currently (and several times already) they've had to add more expansion goals because we've already surpassed $113,000! (I'm in for the second paperbound, and probably will get the third as well! Today's blog entry 'introduced' one of the $5k superheroes designed by one of the donors. Vox Popoli: The next stage (Super super-hero!)

AND (if you know comics, you'll know this name): Chuck Dixon has just joined; he will NOT be doing anything (much?) with the first three volumes because HE is doing a whole separate 'line' in the same world. (He has done Batman and Superman and a bunch of others that meant nothing to me; he's VERY famous in the field) and co-invented Bane -- about whom I know nothing -- but the guys on the blog love Bane.)

Oh, and another of the 'stretch goals (long since surpassed!) is novels! Vox will work with Jon Del Arroz (a moderately known sci fi writer -- I've read one of his books; he writes good stuff!) to write the first and second novels.

(And oh OH! As Vox foretold: The agonized screeching -- the REEEEEEEES of the SJWs and liberal idiots CAN be heard from orbit! They're beyond horrified! Did you know they have also made a MUSLIM teenaged girl "superhero"?!)

So, it's been delightful 'stirring up' the SJWs; the sample pages are enticing -- oh! And did I mention Rebel? Rebel is one of the American superheroes (see pic below; it's fan art, not the actual artist -- but you get the idea?)... and they're doing a limited-run FIGURINE of her for backers! (They may offer other figurines of other heroes later.)

You can go here to read up on the series and see ll the sample pages (and join in if you want -- 18 days left! And they keep having to add more stretch goals!): https://freestartr.com/project/althero/ The back story is great -- and funny! And a warning to us all! There are also sample pages of the other U.S. group. And for those of you know know our history: one of the heroes is named Michael Martel... Only two pages posted of that third comic so far, but they hit the spot!

Enjoy! I am having SO. MUCH. FUN!!!
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