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Here's why parental guidance is important.

As I have often reported, my wife's side of the family is simply a cabal of an ever-breeding, bipolar, wolf pack. Our FIL was the glue and the patriarch of these losers, and when he died they all just lost their minds.

They had kid after kid, one daughter used an axe to get into her parents' house for soda as she had a sugar addiction--she's now in a special home.

Another actually married a drifter with and entire family of addicts, knocked her up and then split. They had one son.

Well, my wife feels obligated to see her mother twice per month, and came back stone-faced, silent and resolved.

This abandoned son is/was now 21, and got into some heroin cut with something, and OD'd within minutes of taking it. While we've had a niece doing hard time, this is our first death.

(He had a second dose in his wallet, and police believe that once they break down the components they can match the dose to a specific dealer for prosecution.)

My wife is a crier, which is why I never took her to see "Bambi." But this time she did not shed a tear. Since the FIL has passed this section of the clan has been on a suicide course, we don't even let them visit us.

I suppose I should feel something, perhaps say an agape' prayer. Part of me felt, "Well, that figures." Well, maybe a tiny urge to treat drug dealers like prairie dogs and open a special season...
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Chico that side of the family is different to say the least. I have a few friends that have lost a child to heroin and one guy at work has a son that is in/out of rehab.

These kids start off with the local junk that is laced with God knows what and now the Mexican cartels are smuggling it across the border and it's so much more potent than the local stuff and these people shoot up what they normally would and before you can say boo they're found dead with the needle still in their arm.

Here in the Show Me State they have Narcan which counteracts the life-threatening effects of opioid overdose. The first responders carry it with them and give it out like Halloween candy to those who use and it's available over the counter at the local pharmacy.

My daughter has been dating this young man for six years and his father died of a heroin overdose years ago and he just lost his brother to it last year while he was in a Florida treatment center.

It's a nationwide epidemic that reaches every zip code across the country and doesn't care if you're rich/poor young or old because after just one shot up the arm or snort up the nostril you will be a slave to that demon.
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In Madison our cops carry the same type of OD pens. This happened in Milwaukee, so I do not know their protocols or how long it took to find the body.

The guess is that he was dead when he hit the floor.
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...that sucks Tourist, sorry for your loss. Considering the history you outlined it's not a surprise you're not feeling much. If anyone chooses that path it's inevitable they'll wind up like this kid did or in jail. You've pretty much got to know it's not going to end well.
...there was a record seizure of fentanyl (that's probably what the dope was laced with) a few years ago north of Atlanta. A truckload, literally, it was manufactured in China, somehow wound up in Mexico and was then driven right over the border, how bout that! About 20% of the border traffic is actually checked, it's no wonder the opioid addiction problems we have are at the epidemic levels they are.
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Originally Posted by The Tourist View Post
I suppose I should feel something, perhaps say an agape' prayer.
Wish ill upon no man, and only allow those into your life who offer some kind of goodness.

If you're feeling conflicted because of someone in your life who brings chaos and you are seeking a solution, you need look no further than into the mirror.
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One does one say to a post like this?

Stay strong and do say a prayer. Not for the dead but for the living!
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I think this is the time to pray and support my wife. The mother was my wife's first niece, and she reveled in being an aunt.

I knew the nieces best when they were in that 5 to 10 year old span, and we were still traveling for birthdays and Chistmasses. Of course, my FIL was still alive--an old Marine that fought his way through the Pacific battles into Japan and then China.

I don't respect much, but that was a man I addressed as "Sir." He threw a long shadow in that family and set a good example.

And I won't pull any punches, his son was a total wash-out as the new patriarch. He smoked dope all through school, was in and out of detox for alcohol, and pretty much let all five girls come and go like stray cats.

My wife got a little weepy this afternoon, which indicates that the shock has warn off and the sad reality is here. I go to every biker funeral at Gunderson Funeral Home in Madison, but I cannot go to the one for the boy.

It's better that way, lest I say in all honesty, "Which one are you going to kill next?"
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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Offer a prayer for the repose of his soul, and be there for your wife. Probably the most you can do.
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That sucks.
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I have prayed, for the boy and for my wife's mother.

The rest of the family is users and abusers, and they're on their own. It's one thing to make mistakes, but it's quite another to adopt those mistakes into a permanent lifestyle.

It's bad enough my wife has to see her mother. My wife is the type that buys warm clothes for the grifters who haunt our intersections pretending to be veterans. I don't want her sucked into this family's dynamic.

When the boy's wastrel, alcoholic father was still making appearances, I told me wife that I would drive to Milwaukee and come and get her if she was being manipulated. Considering this loser's past of drugs, weapons and arrests, I told her I'd bring club enforcers if that's what it took--they can be hard on the furniture, if you catch my drift.

So, now an MIL, my wife, my SIL and her husband (the boy's aunt and uncle), five nieces and a so-called father have silently watched a boy die.

I've heard that Milwaukee has surpassed Chicago for black-on-black murders, and now heroin is spreading through both Milwaukee and Madison--we had two deaths last week. My wife and I have discussed downsizing, and I think it's time to move further out into rural Dane County.
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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