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What Was Your First Gun or Rifle

I was looking through the gun ads here locally and I saw a sale for a S&W 38 special revolver and it looked a lot like my very first gun. My father thought I should have it to keep in my truck since I worked the midnight shift in a not so good of a neighborhood in north St Lou. I was a young lad of 23 yrs old in 1986 when he gave it to me and 24 when he took it back and said it was to keep me from doing something stupid with it. I was pissed at the time, but years later I knew that he saved me from jail or from underneath a tombstone so I'm thankful for his decision. One of these days I'm going to find the exact same model and buy it just for ole times sake....

KT please tell us of your first gun/rifle and if it was given to you, bought by you or a gift from someone. Please add your age/year when you first got it and if you still have it.
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What Was Your First Gun or Rifle

Sheridan Silver Streak 5mm pneumatic pump rifle. One shot only. But with the max pumps of 8, it could penetrate a water heater at 25 yards.
Mean mofo.

Correction: caliber was wrong and added model.
Sort if looked like this. Can’t find exact picture.

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I was 30 (2008) when I got my first guns. It was an AR-15. My first hand gun was a Kimber Crimson Carry Pro .45. Bought and paid for by me and still have both.
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Not including my first BB gun, my first firearm was an Ithaca pump .22. It was 1958 and I was 7. Wish I still had it. It shot shorts or longs. A box of 50 shorts was .19 at the time.
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My first firearm a rifle was a winchester bolt action 22 when I was 12
I wish I still had it but It was stolen due to a burglery in 92
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Glock 19 that my husband bought me the first Christmas that we lived in the country; that was in 2005. We had our own shooting range out back near our woods.
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Benjamin M317 pneumatic pump air rifle, .177 caliber. Birthday present from my dad circa 1960 or thereabouts.

Still have it after 60 years. Sent it back to the factory about 20 years ago to have all seals replaced and refinished. They sent it back completely refurbished at no cost whatever. Now that is customer service!

Sure does bring back a lot of fond memories every time I fondle her.

(I'm not counting my Daisy Red Ryder carbine BB gun though.....everyone had one of those!)
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I was 11 years old in 1965 and my father gave me a new Stevens .410 single shot. It was stolen in 1976 when my apartment was broken into. I would still love to have it.
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Rws .177
REM. nylon 66 .22
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My first gun was a S&W Model 60 3. I went out for a haircut and the barbershop was closed and the gun shop was open so I came home with a .357 Magnum.
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