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Army Deserter Walks with no prison time

This coward bergdahl walks with an dishonorable discharge and fine
Total disgrace and total judicial failure
he should have gotten the ultimate punishment for deserting in my opinion
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It is truly a total and complete disgrace. Sadly, I don't find myself surprised.

What surprised me is when the traitor was characterized by the Obama Admin on national TV as a man who "served the United States with honor and distinction" --- jaw dropping. If that wasn't a big enough thumb-in-the-eye to America and those who serve their country, the traitor's parents were rewarded with a trip to the White House for a press briefing and photo-op! The Obama Admin blatant contempt expressed for America and it's military was stunning... beyond anything I could imagine. That the traitor is now a free hero for left-wing kooks to heap praise upon is no surprise. More like... par for the course.
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lets hope soon street justice makes it verdict
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A the military lawyers/JAG "soldiers" do some ROTC at some lib college to get their law school paid for them work up through the ranks and become military judges without ever having an understanding of what the military is really about and for?

If they spent anytime in a combat arms MOS these decisions may be different.
Yea. Keep telling yourself that split times donít matter.
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I find this whole situation unsatisfactory! I'm so glad that I have nothing to do with the modern day military! In my heart I will always remember those who served with honor, bravery, and distinction. I will forget this man and what he did. Karma has a way of dealing with such things!
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Thanks! John
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Well said Old Timer 57 my thoughts exactly
Thank you for you honorably serving in our great military
I'm a Nam vet as well 2 tours
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A firing squad would be about proper in my mind!
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Where freedom dwells is my country!

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Just as if the Obama administration(sympathizers) was still in control.....maybe a lot of it still is???

Wasn't there an Obama era understanding that illegal aliens and non-citizens could still serve in the U.S. armed forces and not have to swear allegiance to our country. If so, there is something wrong with this mindset and I'm hoping it would be over turned by the Trump administration!!

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Face down in a gutter. Sooner rather than later, would make me happy.
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As for the possibility that the collisions were caused by “cyber intrusion or sabotage,” the Navy indicated that this didn’t seem like the case in these situations.

USS John S. McCain commanding officers relieved of duty after fatal collision that was ?preventable? | American Military News

Howinthehell have FIVE Tico ships been rammed?! (Ticonderoga class -- AEGIS "destroyers" -- this is the fake cruiser, called a destroyer, that we built because idiot Congress wouldn't let the Navy build cruisers.) EVEN IF there is some Chinese jamming system that shuts down every single comm on the ship -- including cell phones? -- there are STILL humans with eyeballs on the bridge/wings LOOKING -- and someone could beat feet down to engineering to pass word (STEER! STOP! something!) Unless the jamming system ALSO shuts off engineering controls (no doubt computerized)?

But then, you roll in this:
Exclusive: Former West Point professor?s letter exposes corruption, cheating and failing standards [Full letter] | American Military News

SO dismaying! (So maybe NOT cyberattack/jamming of Tico class ships -- maybe just piss-poor sailors?! If this is West Point -- what is bootcamp like?!?)

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