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Longmire... season #6

I know we have a number of fans of the show "Longmire". Season #6, the final season is now available on Netflix.
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Got Netflix a couple months ago and started watching Longmire. I think we're on season 3.
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Just checked for it a couple of weeks ago, thanks for the heads up! Lately, all I've been watching are Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel!
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So here's my thoughts... or more accurately... observations.

If I cared about such things, I might conclude that Longmire promotes a racist stereotype.

In the show, the small group of good guys is White. They have the token, Henry, but he's a Philipino PLAYING a Native American. In my simple mind, that is almost the same as a White guy putting on black facepaint to play a Black man. Couldn't they find any Native American actors? Granted, Lou Phillips is a great actor and adds a lot to the show.

The Native American people live on a squalid reservation, are plagued by drug and alcohol abuse, and are subjected to the whims of corrupt leaders. It looks awful.

And the way the Native Americans talk also seems stereotypical. I've known and met plenty of Native American people, and they all spoke more like me, than like the actors in the show.

Actually, I don't care what color the good guys are, what the bad guys are, or if they feed long-standing stereotypes. I just like a good story and eye candy cinematography. But it's surprising that more special interest groups aren't marching on Netflix headquarters.

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Re: The way the Indians live.

Just a tid bit. Did you know there are 2 Fort Apaches? One beautiful and the other a broken down slum?
When I was out in Az back in 95, we went looking for the town. We ran into the run down version before the new. So it seems it still exists.

I donít care who plays who because its fictional anyway. I just love Katee!

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