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When Would You Draw Your Gun-Outside of Your Home

A friend of mine asked me last week at what point in a verbal or physical confrontation would I choose to draw my gun if I wasn't at home.....

It made me think about it since I have never been pushed to that point, but if I pulled it I better as heck be prepared to pull the trigger right ?

I would rather go old school and just let the fists fly, but at what point would you choose ?

The first sign of aggression if the other person is loud and obnoxious, but hasn't shown that's they're armed ??

During a "road rage" as the person is walking back to your car ??

Late at night in a parking lot and someone is walking right at you ??

I'm really interested in your comments to see what you would do in any of these scenarios...
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Well, for old guys, the answers could be much different than that of the 30-something crowd.

Are you disabled? To what degree? How old are you? What is your physical condition? Day or night? How many predators? Were they armed? Were you alone? And of course, the big question if it ever ends up in court; were you in fear of your life or severe bodily harm?

All these factors would contribute to decision making in an ugly situation. But if the answer to the last question is "yes!", well then, IT comes out!
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It would definitely be last resort. As said in the past post I am to old to fight anymore.

If it was defending my family or myself there would be no question I would pull my firearm.

The way things are today you have to be careful when you're out, specially in the evening.

I hope I never have to use them but I am a member of Texas Law Shield.
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Only in reasonable defense of life or health. That being said, under stress, what is reasonable may not be clear.
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I don't think any of us could say for sure when we would draw
We can come up with scenarios but until that moment I don't think we would really know
I hope and pray I will never have to find out
Just my thoughts ya'll
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Words would not make me pull a gun. I would have to perceive an imminent threat. I'm sure of this. My hope is I will perceive correctly.
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Only if I knew, in my own mind, for certain that my life or the lives of others was in danger or threat of extreme physical harm. If I pull my gun I WILL shoot. At that point all decisions have been made.

If there is some verbally or physically abusive bully around, I will just walk away. Anyone who carries a gun that can't walk away from the challenge of a bully, needs to leave the gun at home.
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Easy answer.

In the event I believe there is imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury to myself or my family.
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When Would You Draw Your Gun-Outside of Your Home?

In response to Marshall’s question; I have previously been tested twice. The 1st being a “would-be” robber. He was attempting to hide a rifle with a not so realistic limp as he entered my store. I was armed with a Colt Snub-nosed 38 (the conceal carry of the 1970’s). I was able to get the jump on the would-be robber and shouted; “raise that barrel and your DEAD! “. He fled immediately.

The 2nd incident came while I was closing my store and my late-night reading of the gas pump meters for my inventory assessments. I always felt vulnerable during this function because of the late hour and minimal lighting (parking lot and signage lights turned off). I figured this would be an opportune time for mischief so I would carry my pistol covered with a shop towel and my clip board on top to conceal my weapon. I did this religiously. This payed off; I was confronted by a car load of guys. I informed them I was closed but they threatened to “open me up”. It was at this moment; I noticed one exiting the car with a knife. I uncovered the barrel and shouted “leave NOW!” They left without further persuasion.

In both of these situations, I was very fortunate and didn’t have to discharge my weapon. During the confrontations I was calm and resolute. Shortly thereafter, I was visibly shaken. The Deputy Sheriff noticed and enquired; “what would you have done if they hadn’t fled”? I guess he was questioning my resolve. I told him the reason I am shaken is; I know what I would have done!

I hope this hasn’t been too lengthy a response but this is a serious question and “sound bite” responses are braggadocios. I have since heard many claims such as “I would have “expletive” blown his head off” or such from those who I know have never really been confronted with a life and death situation. If this were truly their feelings then they are likely as questionable in character as their assailant.

The moral to these stories is “situational awareness”. Marshall’s questions are a good start. I am a firm believer that if you’re going to carry a gun or plan on using one in your home that an equal amount of training should be given to situational awareness training as is dedicated to handling and shooting your gun. Always be aware of your surroundings and vulnerabilities. Contemplate your best options for survival. Never brandish a gun without the commitment to use it. The word “conceal” in Conceal Carry is critical. As soon as the weapon becomes “visible” you have called for a response! If you aren’t ready for the response or have misjudged the threat then you will most likely be the victim. IF YOU PULL A GUN, INTEND TO USE IT! Otherwise, let it remain concealed.

In both of my encounters, I was close and personal with my assailants. Most violent confrontations occur within 7 meters. There won’t be much time for error (seconds). If you haven’t considered potential close confrontations that might occur or might be unique to your environment then you are giving up precious time. Know yourself and your environment. Contemplate ways to improve your odds and mitigate vulnerabilities. Be serious and safe.
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In short "be slow to speak" but resolute when you do!

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About 8pm at an upscale mall after Christmas shopping. There had been some robberies in the parking lot. We were walking to our car, with packages. I saw a gang banger walking around the perimeter of the parking lot. He changed direction and headed towards us. No reason to do that, since it wouldn't have got him to the store entrance.

He was about 10 feet away when I pulled my gun. He took one look, never said a word, and turned around and walked away.
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