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The Ole Stick Shift

Back in the day many of us learned to drive a car/truck that used a stick shift and that brings up the question......

What was the first vehicle that you drove that had a stick shift ??

Mine was a 1969 Ford F 150 that I bought from a used car lot. I had never driven anything besides automatics prior and the salesman was kind enough to spend time and teach me before driving it away. I learned quickly on that ride home what "grind it and find it" meant.
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My first stick shift was in a 49 Studebaker pickup 3 on the tree
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had the vw auto stick...electro/pneumatic clutch...if you knew how to set them up right they rocked...still my favorite car

0-50 in 1st
0-80 in second
0-160 in 3rd

yes it has a torque converter too.
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I learned to drive on a tractor on my grandfathers farm when I was 8 or 9. Every vehicle I ever owned was a stick shift up until GM stopped offering manual transmissions in their trucks. I'd have one today if you could still get them.
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First to drive was my Dad's 1965 Chevy truck with three on the tree. First to own was a 1968 Ford F100 with 3oT.

I can remember as a kid, my brother and I (whichever sat in middle) would have to prop our foot on the gear shift when Dad would get to 3rd gear because it would jump out of gear while cruising if we didn't.
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My 1951 Ford 2 door coupe with O.D. Still wish I had that car back.
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I learned tractors, probably some of the same model's Chuck learned on. I worked on a farm for someone that restored and hobby farmed with them. The first road vehicle was a 68 chevy 350 3 speed with a granny gear.
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I can't remember that far back.
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A '77 Triumph TR7, I bought it from my Uncle Joe in the late '80s. I learned to be a mechanic with that car. Seemed like I was under it EVERY weekend :-) Lots of fun to drive though. It was traded in towards an '89 VW Jetta (5 speed) that rarely gave me grief and ran to nearly 500k!!!
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1972 Beetle. I also drove a grocery delivery van with three on the tree.
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