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Old 12-28-2017, 02:07 PM   #1
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I did the unthinkable.

never thought I would ever NOT go pick up a gun but the road was so slippery everyone was spinning out around me. I decided to go back home...that's how bad it was..
2 in the ditch in the last stretch where I turned around. then 9 as I went back.. 7 cars in the last minute..
thought I was going to see one guy get nailed after he spun and stopped right in the middle of the road but there was enough room for the 2 cars right behind him to make it around.
but I will be giving it another try tomorrow hopefully.
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Stay safe! Only slippery you need to deal with is keeping your Kimbers well lubed.
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That would be tough decision but better safe than sorry. Car crash, personal or other injuries, and lawyers and lawsuits. That gun could end up costing a lot more. I agree, wait another day.
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too cold to go shooting anyway. -5
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Glad you got home safely.

I've totaled a pickup and fifth wheel, rolling them when I lost control on black ice returning from a Texas road trip in 2007. Luckily I just got a scratch from flying glass as the windows busted, wife uninjured but stunned and you would think there was a fatality looking at my crushed truck.

No fun at all lost the truck and trailer, but we were uninjured albeit stuck a long way from home for a bit.
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nothing like the one night I was driving a 10 ton through southern mn in a storm...i had plenty of weight to stay on the ground but people were in the ditch down hillsides , everywhere. you could see blood all over windows ect.. it was just brutal..
the main problem is the 4x4 car /truck drivers. they think because the have 4x4 they are invincible.
4x4 is great at getting you going. stopping...not so much
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This story sounds familiar....two years ago my LGS calls on Wednesday to tell me I can pick up my new Sig on Friday morning...woohoo! Thursday we get eleven inches of snow. The world basically shuts down for the week-end...I didn't get my new gun until Tuesday. But then again it was over a month before I got to shoot it.

Better safe than sorry .... tomorrow is another day.
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Old 12-28-2017, 05:37 PM   #8
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No gun in the world is worth my @$$; I don't heal fast anymore. AND, I'm now mortal.
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Back in December 2010 I had a delivery to a new car dealership out in Arnold, Mo off Telegraph Rd. Many of you know that I drive a 51 ft flatbed semi and haul heavy machinery for a living. We all questioned our dispatcher that morning about sending us out because it had been misting outside and the temp was hovering around the freezing mark.

Well I arrived at the new job site and sat up on the road looking down the hill trying to figure out if the road was just wet or black ice. I noticed a salt truck at the bottom of the cul de sac and figured he had salted the road so I started slowly down the hill. A few seconds later I realized that it was black ice and my truck/trailer started sliding down and getting faster by the second. At one point I looked in the drivers mirror and saw my trailer starting to jack knife and all I could do was scream out "Jesus help me now."

I just knew that my truck wasn't going to stop and all of a sudden the brakes took hold and at last I was sitting still. It turned out that the salt truck did the same thing that I did and he attempted to back up the hill dropping salt as he went. He did about 20 ft and then gave up and parked his truck. Had the ice not melted in that 20 ft space things would have been much worse for me and my big rig. I sat at the bottom of the hill looking up for a couple of hours waiting for another salt truck to arrive and finish what was started so I could get back up the hill.

In my 27 years of driving I have never been more scared than that December day and pray that I never will again.
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Production gave us a bad map one day. the minute I turned down this 100 ft hill I felt the slip..I was barely started down but i could not back up. when I did I just slid more...so there i was stuck..only choice 4 in the morn thinking ..well it is where I needed to go...so down I went. could only take a foot at a time. made it to the bottom as I get a phone call. sorry the map is wrong....#########...

so with a running start I headed up the hill. made it as far as the last 10 ft....########### again...any thing i did I just slid...and eventually headed to the side edge...
waited for someone to come by when this cute lady in a 4x4 bronco ii drives by and asks if i needed help...i already had straps ready to go....holly crap this chick was an animal.. i thought for sure she would give up the first try but no....thought I was going to get whiplash..she got me up and over . she says that was fun...what a woman.
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