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Your EDC And A Friends Home

I was just chatting with a good friend and we were talking about what we did on NYE. He was telling me that he went over to a friend of a friends house and everything was going great until the homeowner spotted his edc on his hip when he reached up to grab a balloon. She apparently lost her mind and asked him to take it out to his car or leave the home. He packed up his stuff and left with his wife and two children.

What is your protocol for going to someone's home that you haven't met and you don't know their thoughts on guns ?

Would you do as my friend did and leave or would you take it back out to your vehicle and put it safely away ?
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some people do flip out.
as long as it's not a bad hood I usually leave it in the truck safe.
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I pocket carry in a situation where I go to someone's home and I don't know their feelings. Nothing to see here!

In the case described in your post, I would have locked it in the car safe and enjoyed the rest of the evening. It was a friend of a friend. There are layers of relationship involved. I would then follow up in a couple of days to discuss the event with both my friend and the homeowner without being a jerk. It is likely I wouldn't be returning to that house in the future.
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I don't associate with people that I consider friends, to be ANI-GUN!

I would have done the same thing!
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Understanding needs to go both ways. Some folks are just freaked by the site of a gun. Their reference is TV news, coupled with ignorance about guns or maybe something that happened in their past. In this case I believe I would have taken the gun out to the car and locked it up. Unless of course I didn't want to be there, then exit stage left, see Ya! Their home, their rules.

Almost all my friends carry and the ones that don't, are neither concerned or upset that the others do. It is an interesting guestion though.
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When I go to someoneís home, not knowing how they feel about firearms, I always leave my edc locked up in my car unless it is an area I donít feel comfortable in. I have ran into people that believe in firearms but still donít want anyone to carry in their home, usually because of kids.
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If you don't know them that well, just leave the gun in the car. If you feel you need a gun in their house, you probably shouldn't be there to start with. If you feel the need to carry something in that situation, then carry a knife. Most people will not be offended by a knife. You just never know how people will react to a gun.
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I would've left. At that point, the woman who freaked out probably couldn't have felt comfortable with me there with gun on my person or locked in my car. I would have waited a respectable time (a few minutes for her to calm) then thanked her for her hospitality in letting me come into her home, wished her happy new year and left. That moment is not the time for a debate and I would have felt uncomfortable for the rest of the night. Easiest way to avoid a scene or discussion is just to leave. Not saying there was gonna be a terrorist attack, but we certainly should have learned the the places and times we least expect it (soft targets) are the times that people are attacked. A very nice area grocery store parking lot in the middle of the day was the scene of the murder of an 89 y.o. man just two days ago here. Apparently 2 perps wanted his car and killed him in front of an entire parking lot full of witnesses. Just sayin' when you don't expect it is when you possibly need your edc the most.
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First time meeting them and children around? I would have talked with the mutual friend to see how the host felt about firearms in their home. If they were against them I would have just left it in the car.
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I make an effort to find out as much info on whose house that I'm going to, gun friendly/not friendly. More than likely I won't go because I like having my edc on me at all times, but if it was something really important and it was a good friend I would have no issues locking it up in my truck safe.

In the end we all have to respect their rights just as we want our rights to carry respected.
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