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Your First Toy Gun

We all have our reasons that we were drawn to guns and I think mine has to be the Dodge City toy revolver that my father bought me for my 7th birthday. It had snap caps that would be inserted into the gun and when the trigger was pulled they would pop. I thought that I was the real deal in our neighborhood because all of the other boys wanted to shoot it.

Now my question is what was your first toy, bb or pellet gun that you were given as a child ?
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I sorta remember having a few cap guns, then a couple that shot corks that were attach to strings (at least they were when I got them), and of course infamous Red Rider BB gun
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Probably some western gun toy outfit when I was 4 or 5. Certainly cap guns by the time I was seven or eight. We used to ride our bikes downtown to buy the rolls of caps.
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I don't recall what toy gun was first. I do remember cap pistols, cowboy rigs probably Roy Rogers style.

I remember a Thompson like Vic Morrow carried in the TV show Combat. I had a rifle that looked like a bolt action hunting rifle.
I'm sure there were others.
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Johnny Seven and a Secret Sam.

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Johnny Seven. I forgot about that.
We had this Get Smart gun too.
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toy??? rws .177
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Thumbs up

When I was around 3 or 4, Dad brought home 2 of these for me and my brothers.

Had so many cap guns, other peacekeeper style toy guns, I can't even remember them all.
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Cool Too Real Toy Guns!!

Being a child of the 50's, I had access to some great toy guns. Some were way too realistic. But to us, they were nothing but toys. Sadly, you could not have anything like these today. You would have children being shot by police officers right and left. Back in the day,
every cop knew what these toy guns were and could recognize them on sight. Also back in those days, you NEVER heard of a child having access to a real gun. Today you do and even a child can pose a real threat to a LEO!!

Attached are photos of some of my favorites from the hay day of the super realistic toy guns built by Mattel:

-The Mattel Fanner 50 replica of the Colt Single Action Army
-The Mattel Snub Nose 38 replica of a Colt Detective Special
-The Mattel replica of the Remington Derringer (The little derringer attached to a real belt buckle. When the stomach muscles were flexed, the derringer would
spring out from the buckle and fire a Mattel Shootin' Shell bullet at whatever was in front of the wearer!)
-The Mattel Shootin' Shell cartridges; they were actually loaded into the guns and fired through the barrel with the plastic bullets. All 3 of these guns
actually loaded and shot the Shootin' Shell bullets. The bullets were propelled by a spring inside the cartridge case that forced them out the barrel when the
cartridge was struck by the hammer, just like a real gun. They did not have much velocity, but could provide a pretty good sting if you were struck from close
by!! Don't ask how I know!!
-Greenie StikMCaps that could be stuck on the back of the Shootin" Shell cartridges to produce a BANG and smoke like a real gun.

Mattel Fanner 50 1.jpg <----Mattel Fanner 50

mattel snub nose 38.jpg <----Mattel Snub Nose 38

mattel derringer belt buckle.jpg <----Mattel Remington Derringer

mattel shootin' shell cartridges.jpg <----Mattel Shootin' Shell Cartridges

mattel greenie stikmcaps.jpg <----Mattel Greenie Stik-M-Caps

I had all of these. To show the change in generations of toys, my son had a plastic M-16 that was all olive drab green with a big orange muzzle cap. Now he's in the U.S. Army and has a real FN M-4 carbine. And he knows how to use it! No orange muzzle cap!!!!
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Keith, I had a fanner 50 and a holster rig to go with it! That was around 1956, I think. Thanks from the memory.
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