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Shimano USA

In a world if increasingly mediocre CS I thought I'd mention someone going above and beyond...
I have a Shimano Sustain FE reel I purchased in '08 down in Naples, Fl. It's been my favorite inshore reel since then. Last November I was in Stuart and found the rubberish handle knob was starting to deteriorate :-( I checked a few repair guys in the area but couldn't find a replacement. I found an online vendor that had a few in stock so I ordered one for $22.00, ouch :-( I decided to pop it on the other night as I'm going to be working in Clearwater Beach and am getting ready for my days off. I should have known when I was able to remove the trick nut that retains the knob things were going TOO smoothly. Upon inspection I discovered there are several washers and bushings that are press fit into the knob, yup UT OH :-( I'm not sure how they're supposed to be removed but I opted for the pry on them with a little screwdriver method. I could feel the parts start to move, then POP and it all went flying, I heard ricochets in several areas of our living room. I actually found several of the tiny pieces, the rest are somewhere amidst my daughters toys probably never to be seen again :-(, I called Shimano in CA yesterday and found several the parts are obsolete and the spools for my Sustain won't fit the new model, oh well :-(
...but, the CS guy I spoke with said they had a salvage room :-) He called back an hour later, found a crank arm (one of those obsolete parts), installed a new knob on it, and when I asked what I owed him he said "don't worry about it man, it'll be in the mail today".
Made my day!!! Needless to say when I need a new reel it's going to be a Shimano :-)
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Yep, that is first class customer service !!

I too love the Shimano Reels. My favorite is the old style Curado 200. I have 15 of them Bought some of the Calcuttas when they came out, but my goto reels are usually the Curado's when I head out for a day on the lake.
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There used to be a company that made aftermarket handles.....
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More on customer service!

I have been shopping at Costco since they began. They have courteous service. Always helpful with a smile. Well I bought a very nice laptop from them in order to fix my computer problems. I purchased it a couple weeks ago. Costco has a policy if the item you purchased goes on sale within 30 days of your purchase you get the sale price. Well low and behold my laptop went on sale. I was credited $324.00 dollars because it was discounted 300 and the tax difference of 24. One hell of a savings I was not really expecting. I had to point the sale price out to CS and they smiled and took care of it. They have never questioned any returns and always want customer satisfaction. I will always do business with these type of establishments even if the prices were a little higher I believe I would shop there because of the CS!
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Originally Posted by Tejun View Post
Yep, that is first class customer service !!

I too love the Shimano Reels. My favorite is the old style Curado 200. I have 15 of them Bought some of the Calcuttas when they came out, but my goto reels are usually the Curado's when I head out for a day on the lake.
Me too. I have 10 or more Shimano Baitcasting reels I use for bass fishing that I bought back in the late 80's. In the boat right now. They are well made, small and light weight.
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