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AR for Home Defense?

Do you have one at the ready for a possible home invasion?
Why, why not.
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I do not have one placed at the ready I have a LE 870 12 guage with a folding stock at the ready along with a .45. I do have these ready for a grab and go if neccessary, they hold six 30 round magazines each, well made. I pay 3.00 each for them.
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I have my AR-15 in my safe which is in my bedroom closet. It always has a 30 round magazine inserted and is ready to go if the need arose.

Why ? It’s very reliable, it’s very accurate, it’s easy to maneuver and it holds 30 rounds.
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Yes I do. Why? It’s a black, scary, has high capacity mags and has been reported to cause PTSD on sight. Sounds like good defense to me
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I have one in the bedroom. It's about #4 on the grab and go BANG list, after my 870, FNX-45 and AK-47. If I've already burned through 12 rounds #00 & #4 buck, 46 rounds of .45 acp and 30 rounds of 7.62 x 39, heck, I might as well grab a Nerf rifle for all the good it's gonna do me!
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No, I think I'm the only member of the forum that doesn't own an AR.
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I have a few ARs but they're not designated for home invasion defense.

Why not? Long guns require the use of both hands (assisting others, door knobs, stair rails... on and on... require a free hand) and are not well maneuverable in tight quarters compared to handguns. I carry a handgun all day from the time I get dressed till bedtime. Carry an AR? No thanks.

Contrary to popular belief, most home invasions occur during the day.

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I don't, but I sometimes have a tendency to oversimplify things. While there are a lot of good reasons why an AR would be a fine choice, especially surprisingly lower possibility of wall penetration and higher round count at the ready. My choice for bedroom grab firearm is based on the premise that I'm usually asleep at 3am, hence my level of cognition and alert is diminished. Therefore I try to keep it simple. A 38 revolver. Revolvers don't need to have the safety disengaged, need to be cleared, or even leave me wondering in a half asleep daze if there's one in the pipe. I pull the trigger and it makes a noise.
Now, my firearm options for more wakeful states, such as my truck gun, are semi-autos.
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I have a ar in safe and a ak pistol chambered in 556 close by.
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Originally Posted by swca View Post
I do have these ready for a grab and go if neccessary, they hold six 30 round magazines each, well made. I pay 3.00 each for them.
Wait... what?!

An 870 with 30 round magazines that cost $3 each? Drums? Tell us more!
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