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Bought a boat...

There goes all my gun money. Anyway, itís a 20í NauticStar sport deck. My first boat. A little nervous. Was wondering if anyone can recommend some good motor boat forums. And to keep this somewhat gun related...those of you who also have boats, do you take your guns with you on the water?
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I've had them from 16' to 36', the most expensive hobby I've ever had. The best definition of a boat I ever saw was a hole in the water you pour money into. I had a slip in Diversy harbor on the Chicago lake front, the kids and I lived on the boat on the weekends and yes I kept a gun on the boat. It wasn't unusual for people to board the boat at night thinking no one was there. One night my son woke me up saying a man is bouncing on a girl on the back deck of the boat dad.
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Bought this Stratos bass boat new 1991 still looks good. See another thread of mine. ( Hold Onto Your Shorts) Short answer.

YES, there is always at least one gun onboard.
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The two best days of boat ownership ... the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Nothing devalues as fast as a boat. I live in boat country, the Kanawha River Valley year old "used" boats can be found for half of the price of new ones. Used boats are everywhere around here. I bought a "yard ornament" Bass Tracker that hadn't been in the water for five years ...$800.00. Yes, that's correct 8 hundred.
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Ah yes, I have a 20í jet boat with a 460, dual high rise that I use..... 3 years ago, looks great in the garage. No gun on board. I did change the oil in it last week and fired it up though.
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No need to explain yourself, buddy.
We understand.
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I can see it now - Here we go!

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Thanks! John
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Bought a boat...

First things first. Contact your local Coast Guard and get scheduled for a USCG Aux Boating Safety Course. Nothing worse than inexperienced boaters on the water. Then get it inspected by them once a year. Inspections are free.

I had a 23í Chris Craft 230 LTD with a 350 Chevy Engine and through the hull exhaust for years. Everyone knew I was there. Lol...
And like Chuck said, .... hole in the water... yadda yadda.

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A boat is like anything else, pay too much you'll lose your tail when you sell it. Look for a bargain, you'll do fine on resell. Keep it in mint condition as much as possible. I've owned 5 boats in the last 9 years. Broke even or made $$$ when I sold every one of them.
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I’ve owned several boats from 16 ft up to a 35 ft starting back in 1971 and today own an 18 foot center console which is perfect for Tampa bay. I don’t think I would ever not have a boat, we get way too much enjoyment out of them, from lunch at the American Legion or the several other waterfront restaurants to catching our own Snapper, Grouper or our favorite Snook. Go for it. And yes it’s always carrying.
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