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Cool OMG!!!! He's Got Another Gun!!!

Well, the income tax money came in and I couldn't just let it lay around!! So, with thick wallet, I headed off to one of my LGS hangouts. I had a wild hair for a revolver. I was thinking a vintage S&W Model 19/66 or a Stainless Ruger Security Six. I was ready to dig thru the used guns at any and all shops in my area.

The search didn't last long!! While checking out the used revolvers at Clyde Armory, in Athens, GA, I passed the Ruger display!! A really nice looking stainless Ruger revolver reached out, grabbed me and refused to let go!!! This pit bull of a pistol was a nice new Ruger venture. It was a stainless GP100 chambered in .44 Spl. Yep, I was doomed right there. As a long time fan of Elmer Keith and Skeeter Skelton, I could not let a beautiful specimen of the .44 magnums grandfather sadly laying around a gun shop!!!

This one would make my fourth .44 Spl that I have acquired over the years. I had a six inch S&W Model 624, a 4' Taurus Model 441, a 3' S&W Model 696 and now this 3" Ruger. Too bad the other 3 .44's managed to escape my grubby sausage-like fingers. I believe this one will have staying power!! I think I have finally out grown the urge to trade guns. Everything is now a "keeper"!! In a nutshell, it is a stainless GP100 .44 Spl (Skeeter made me do it!!). It has a 3" heavy full lugged barrel, a fiber optic front sight and a fully adjustable, white outlined rear sight. It has a one piece rubber Hogue grip and a smooth surfaced trigger. The SA trigger pull is around 4.5 lbs and the DA pull is around 10 lbs. Not bad. Some dry firing should smooth it right out!! Or I think I hear the internals calling out to me......"POLISH ME!!! I might not be able to ignore that call. We'll see. Generally speaking, a .44 Spl is a real sweetheart to shoot. A big bullet cruising along at about 950 fps is just plain fun to shoot!! With it's light recoil and legendary accuracy, it is very pleasant and gratifying to shoot!

I know, I know! Shut up and show us the pictures!! Without further delay, as McCloud used to say......"There ya go"!!!!


Ruger GP100 .44 Spl.JPG Ruger GP100 .44 Spl -2.JPG <---Ruger GP100 Chambered In .44 S&W Spl.

I'll have to let you know how it shoots. Tomorrow, I'm off to the woods for a week to chase Tommy Turkey around.
Ducking Turkey!.jpg
May be a few .44 Spl bullets may go sailing about the woods while I'm there. Who can say!!??
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Nice addition to the collection Keith! Have fun on your trip to the woods and enjoy your new pistol!
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Hell Yeah Keith. Congrats on your newest revolver and it's a beautiful Ruger at that....

Looking forward to the range report.
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She's a pretty one, I need to add revolver to collection.
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Really sweet. What we call a "good get". I love revolvers. I presently have five S&W's but have owned dozens over the years, including a few Rugers, they make really strong guns. Enjoy.

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Nice score Keith.
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Nice score Keith. Boy, I say boy your way behind. I bought another 44 special a M624 no dash couple weeks ago and a M625-6 .45acp Mountain Gun.
Ruger has a nice looking product.
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Nice Ruger you found!

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