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Food...pork belly

Ok, all you foodies out there have any of you ever made pork belly? If so please give some details, thanks. Anyone ever use it for a porchetta roast? I'm thinking about using one to wrap around a pork loin and roasting it for Easter. Just wondering if anyone has any good recipes. Yeah, I know....gun forum here....but a lot of you guys cook too!...and even post photos.
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Star, I believe pork belly is bacon slabs. Could be cured or uncured.
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This is from the first time I made it a long time ago, I lost a lot of stuff when my photobucket account went belly up but I did save some of the pictures. Use this as a guide line, a lot of what I used is optional.

I started with a 10 lb pork belly that I scored the skin of and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Next I flipped it over and added a layer of pesto, mushrooms and onion.

Then it was a layer of Italian sausage and a pork loin.

I rolled it all up, tied it with kitchen string and put it in my smoker.

I smoked it at 250 degrees with hickory for about 5 hours until it hit an internal temp of 165 degrees. With the ground meat I wanted to make sure that I was past the safe zone.

I pulled it off the smoker wrapped it in aluminum foil and towels and let it rest in my hot box (old cooler).

About 30 min before we were ready to eat I put it in a 500 deg oven to crisp up the skin. After 30 min the skin was crisp and wonderful.

I don't know if you have a smoker or not but this could be done in an oven without the smoke.
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DAMN, that looks good!!!
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We use to have a guy that cooked all kinds of stuff but Chuck made him mad and he left the forum I believe.
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I don’t even like mushrooms and it looks great.
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Oh man, that looks good. What an idea.
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That looks delicious!
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Flemings use to have a pork belly appetizer that was to die for
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Originally Posted by swca View Post
We use to have a guy that cooked all kinds of stuff but Chuck made him mad and he left the forum I believe.
Lead out the door would be a better description Tom.....
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