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Let me throw the fox into the chicken coop...

NOT implying y'all are chickens... yer more likely wolves, waiting outside the fox's plans.... About this omnibus spending bill... and since I posted in another thread about Thomas Wictor's VERY interesting 'take' on it: Important if true:

And, since I emailed this group of "culled comments" (saving them the trouble of reading them all) to my group of awakened friends, thought I'd throw it out here and create an uproa... er... that is, maybe a discussion! Text in [are my comments or expansions].
Commenters here: Vox Popoli: Woe is us

[Thread winner:]
[q]As I mentioned in a previous thread, there's a Nixon-era law that says that appropriations have to be spent and that the president doesn't have a pocket line-item veto by not spending money.[/q]

As has been pointed out repeatedly, this applies only to actual federal budgets. The last time Congress passed a budget, the President was named Bush.

Atop of which, as I pointed out earlier, the spending bill itself contains an exception big enough to drive a truck through, in that any funds designated discretionary can be redirected by the President to any account designated by statute as an emergency fund. Since everything the government wants to spend money on is designated an emergency, this essentially gives Trump license to spend the money any way he wants.

Literally, he can spend the money to close the border, build the wall, hire ICE agents, whatever he wants to do, because those have been declared and statutory emergencies since the Reagan administration.

[Second place:]
1. Don't trust MSM - they lie, and for purposes of blackpilling psyops.
2. Don't trust conservatives. They are cowards and also lie.
3. Don't trust any polling/betting numbers above 55%. Polls manipulate and lie to blackpill.

Just remember that Trump, within a 24 hour frame, is both the most hated and the most popular president.

So, if the odds and polls say Democrats are at 70% likelihood, it means the opposite. If the media says Trump's base is upset and leaving, it means lil' Ben Shapiro and a NY Times editor said so.

Don't despair in the darkness brothers. And never trust the orc.

Repeating my post on the other "Oh noes! All is LOST!" thread
Trump notified Congress the same day he signed the appropriations bill, that he will spend the money any damn way he pleases.

[Snidely Whiplash wrote:]
the President has notified the Appropriations committee that he will be spending, as he sees fit, any funds in any accounts designated as Emergency Spending by statute and the declaration of a President, including but not limited to the GWoT [Global War on Terrorism], any emergent health crisis, and (I believe) Human Trafficking, designated an emergency both by statue and by the Executive Order Trump previously signed.

To counter the Woah, Giddy-Up!
Trump is banning Transgenders from Military service (mostly, but the details are encouraging). No more Bradley Bulls who think they are Chelsea Cows, being turned into Soldier Steers at taxpayer expense.

Trump might do bluster really well, but he doesn't make idle threats. The current funding runs out on October 1, 2018. Depending on leverage, Trump could literally leave the government shut down through the election. However, we've got a massive IG report and a lot of criminal charges that'll be flying before that date.

[q]".. b) all is lost, I'm giving up and going home."[/q]

There is nowhere to go to. This is my home. The only questions are: will killing will be necessary ? Or is a political solution possible? what political options remain? When to start killing, who to kill, where to kill them, how to kill them.

Trump has consistently demonstrated his Superior executive brilliance..see Rocket Man, China, tax reform, Gorsuch. He delivers the impossible. He plans and executes at a level I have never witnessed in my lifetime.(The neocon professed admiration for McMuffin, French and dubya makes sense; those three are predictably manipulable where Trump see right through them)

Trump is a force for good. St. Paul is instructive on how we are to treat such men.

My prediction? Trump wins big from this deal. The only question is if it's a mistake on his part (I don't think so based on his past brilliance) or if it is a minor distraction as he relentlessly pursues his larger objective and the Roman swamp is about to be surrounded.as the Deplorable Huns give the middle to gain the flanks.

Some idiots out there seem to think that we care about which porn stars the God Emperor has given a taste of his penis. We. Don't. Care!

That is why he hired Bolton....his porn-stache cancels out her porn-tits.

They really are going with the "BUT HE F***ED PLAYBOY BUNNIES! PLAYBOY BUNNIES!" until it stops working. I know why they're doing it (it's to attack Melania), but they still don't realize how stupid they sound.

run with the Army Core of Engineers building the wall....
as soon as it begins going up Trumps stocks rise through the roof.
the Omnibus bill is a small bit of history.
the battle is not binary politics.
IT is still Us Versus deepstate.
seth rich, Uranium 1, Fisa Warrants, Clinton Foundation fraud of the century, Hussein was never president of Kenya,
Keep the faith, run all the way.
Marine Intelligence services Versus Deep State,,
stick with the plan

Trump signed a 1.2 Trillion spending bill in May 2017. I don't remember this level of angst at the time. What has changed, comrades?

Considering we're "missing" Trillions, it isn't too hard to build a wall.

Trump is already expropriating some of the money in the evil bill for his own purposes.
Stop with the sackcloth and ashes already.

[From a foreign regular commenter, believe he's Chinese in China:]
It's funny, sitting here on the Trump Train, everything appears so peaceful. Drawing back a curtain on my window shows me a few wisps of cloud. A couple far off mountains obscure an otherwise light blue expanse. I feel happy knowing Trump is running this thing, even though an up close inspection shows me we're actually barreling past dry husks and old stumps, broken rocks and sharp cacti. Seems fine to me.

Here are things I consider:
1. The importance of family.
2. And health.
3. Using The Trivium as a pedagogy (although expanding Logic to include sentential logic ... and since we're this far we may as well add the extra symbols for first order predicate calculus).
4. Peacefully parenting through active positive modeling.
5. The importance of the science of Eugenics (this is actually quite important).

Sound money, free markets, civil liberties, an end to income tax and welfare..... these will probably only be achievable again in the near future through War (Revolution or Civil) or Pandemic.

Eugenics OTOH will be driven by the Chinese. Soon multicultural societies will have to deal with the fact a lot of people are unfit genetically. The best option is for them to return. The incentive could be welfare payments made dependent on their sterilization of volentary emmigration back.

When Meritocracy returns, and it will, many of them will term eagerly to go back. Paretucularly when it's clear they're genetically not able to compete in our societies. Science Deniers will need to be fired from public office - particularly public university employees.

A lot of big name Trump people are freaking out so badly that I'm beginning to wonder if they've been ordered to as part of a deception operation.

[q]You naysayers are wrong. Trump, by easily getting this bill has moved his fulcrum 6 months closer to thing he is trying to move.[/q[
Yes. This is a HUGE point that has been completely missed. Trump is already attacking Democrats for neglecting DACA, forcing them to address the issue one month before elections.
Who knows what other tricks he's developing in the meanwhile...

Enough with this endless DACA dalliance. The issue is settled politically. Trump repealed it. The courts will uphold the repeal and Congress failed to act on it. There's nothing more to be gained by endlessly hitting the Dems over the head with it. Let's just move on. The DACA Nightmares were lied to by Obama. Fine. No more lies. Tell them to get their affairs in order for their trip back home.

[q]People are finding numerous Trump Traps in this Omnibus giving PDJT exactly what he needs.[/q]
“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” [Sun Tzu]
Wittingly or not, the doomcriers are making it easy.
Can't wait for March madness to be over, though.

This is Trump. If Schumer dies in 4 years, Trump will mention his failure on DACA at the funeral. Trump knows how to keep spiking a ball long beyond anyone else.

I always envisioned the Republicans losing ground in the House during the midterms. Trump isn't running in 2018, a bunch of Republican Swamp Creatures are. Trump didn't win because Republicans wanted a Republican President. It's going to take Trumpist candidates running some very clever races to get a contingent of populists into Congress.
That's why the signing of the Omnibus felt like such a big loss. I think we need Trump to destroy the Ryan's and McConnel's more than we need him to beat the Schumer's and Pelosi's. Everyone even slightly on the Right knows the Democrats are traitors. We're fighting to get people to realize that the Shapiro's and other Cucks are just as bad if not worse.

Remember, DACA people were invading Democratic town halls, not Republican ones. They were screaming at Nancy about it.

I never expected Trump to be Mr. Fiscal Discipline. He's not Ron Paul. Frankly, at this point, another trillion dollars of debt makes little difference. If Trump can divert some of those fiat devil dollars to projects that matter, like the Wall, that's better than imposing austerity measures that would mostly affect working people. Without cleaning out the Augean stables of the derp state, fiscal discipline won't much matter. The Empire may well be beyond saving, but if he can take out some bad hombres while it's going down, God bless him.

[q]"Does anyone think protests actually do anything? Or for that matter ever did anything?"[/q]
Only if the protesters are carrying pitchforks, torches or shotguns and rifles.
Anything less means that they really aren't serious.

[q]> Mattis: Mr. President, if the military is not funded our subs will cease to function mid-ocean.[/q]
More like: Mr. President, our rank and file military folks are hurting badly and losing morale. You're going to need them soon. We have to have military funding at any cost.

You know why 300 resonates? Because it's an echo of Judges 7 turned ever so slightly to become an expression of God's favor on the pure of purpose. And while Ephialtes of Trachis exists in every age, far too many are so deformed in mind and spirit within this age. Far too many have not been through the fire. Those who have not will not stay the course and have no place at the center.

It's a mark of the deformities of this age that so many are taken in by the 12D Underwater Chess meme, both in belief of and in mockery of. The strategy is far more simple: That come what may, it's all a part of the plan. That when tragedy and defeat happens, it's now part of the plan. What isn't part of the plan five minutes ago becomes the plan five minutes after without ever losing sight of the goal.

This is the mark of a professional.

[q]The man's heart is being worked on by a force that is undefeatable.[/q]

Very few know how true this statement is.
So loyalty, duty and keeping faith are not big on some people's priorities? Who knew?

Christ is my king. He has assigned Trump as my captain.

Those who've been around here a while know I have a fine opinion of my own mental abilities. Trump has demonstrated a grasp of political tactics and strategy that at times leaves me astonished. He's simply genius level in these disciplines. Trump is also possessed of a level of moral courage that simply never occurs in politicians.

I can only think that Trump signed the bill because it gave him something he needed that he could not get any other way. Whether that is the wall, the OIG funding, the Witness Protection funding, or something else, I can't say. There are lots of theories, and some of them may even be true. I can say that Trump thought it was absolutely necessary, and I have learned to trust his abilities.

It doesn't bother me for a moment that a bunch of black-pilled emotion-driven part-time patriots and summer soldiers have abandoned their posts. They were going to desert eventually anyway.
Fine, the Bump Stock Ban is a cliff. Welcome to 2014, when SOTUS decided that the EPA can regulate CO2 - that substance every living animal exhales and the atmosphere could probably use more of - without congressional mandate. I suppose it's good of you gun nuts to finally catch up.

Which is why I still see it as minor. The precedents have already been set, the train has already gone off the cliff, and you're just now seeing your car tip over the edge.

I hope the ban gets killed off one way or another for a lot of reasons, but if it doesn't, then it's just another notch in status quo America that also happens to give gun owners another reason to care a little bit more because they haven't been caring enough.

[q] “the God-Emperor has more than earned our continued confidence”.[/q]
And in this specific case, the base has absolutely nothing to complain about because they made no noise prior to the bill’s passage. As usual, the complaints are all a day late and a buck short.

Look, Trump *may* lose the white working class in the future, but he hasn't lost anything yet.
You are spending too much time online/reading or listening to media. Most of my neighbors, (middle-class, gated neighborhood), either have no idea Trump signed an Omnibus bill yesterday, or if they do, only the barest info about it. I've spoken to a number of them in the last two days when they've been out walking pets & so forth, how they felt about the bill,(sounds like he's beefing up the military), the bumpstock ban, (what's a bumpstock???), and hiring John Bolton, (WHO??), were pretty much the answers I got across the board, if they were even interested, at all.
The point is, things look a lot differently outside of the hyperpolitical online world. Average people are just not that engaged.
The two things my neighbors were interesting in discussing-gun bans and immigration. Because these issues affect us(them) directly.

Also, the President specifically asked for the tools (line-item veto) that would prevent this happening in future, so surely today the right would be taking up this banner? Nope, just more purity-signaling. Call your congressman, demand a line-item veto, get it on the radar.

I think maybe there is one other option here.

IF it were possible to do what Sessions is supposed to have done (banned bump stocks over the objections of even the ATF technical branch, with no delegated authority from congress preceding it), would the Obama ATF not ALREADY have done this?

You have to remember, ATF didn't suddenly legalize something that had been illegal before during the Obama years, but rather the SlideFire stock was first created and released then (in 2013 if memory serves).

It didn't exist before that.

They didn't declare something that had been illegal previously to suddenly be legal. They examined a new product that had just been submitted to them for the first time and declared that it was legal.

If it would have been possible for them to declare it illegal at the time of submission, I guarantee that they would have done it. ATFTB's default answer is always NO, unless they simply have no space to stand in.

So, Trump has told them to do something that they cannot do and remain in their legal framework. They either restate that the thing is legal, or they try to suddenly say it isn't and get sued by a dozen different groups and lose in court.

This is why they backpedaled on the "shouldering a pistol makes an SBR" thing, because they knew they were on shaky ground and would definitely lose if taken to court over it.

People always talk about politics being 100% about money, so don't forget that they aren't just fighting me and you and a bunch of random folks in flyover country when it comes to AR15's and semi-autos in general, they're fighting a 50 billion dollar a year industry with the nation's most well funded lobbyist group (the NSSF is the joint lobbyist group for all sporting good and firearms mfgs).

The gov't will not succeed in banning semi-auto firearms or even AR15's and AKM's only, because there is just too much money being made by too many BIG corporations for them to allow that to happen.

The first time the AWB was brought up back in '94, AR15's were sparse, made by just a couple of companies (one big one, Colt, and a few tiny ones) and easy to demonize because almost nobody owned one. They were newfangled and weird looking. Easy pickings.

Now they are the most popular rifle in the US by far. We make and sell something like 5 million new ones every single year, and that's totally ignoring those built on 80% receivers, which are totally untraceable.

They couldn't enforce a total ban on AR's if they wanted to, because we'll keep building them faster than they can confiscate the things.

That ship has sailed IMO, and keeping it from ever finding port again is the whole reason why I make my living by teaching people how to make their own arms, and providing them with the raw materials to do so.

The govt can make whatever laws they want, and we'll totally ignore them. Being that they're not ALL complete fools, they know this as well as we do, which is why they won't pass such a law.

Passing a ban and having it ignored by vast swaths of the country would be far worse for them than not passing a ban at all, and they know it.

But it won't come to that (again, IMO). I think Trump sent this memo out so that it would get the issue off the front page while being sure that it would ultimately fail, just like he did with DACA.

There won't BE any new precedent set, because the rule won't survive to be implemented.
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A gun rights group reported a 1,200 percent surge in youth membership in an apparent counter-reaction to youth anti-gun movements such as March for Our Lives.

In a recent release, the Washington-state-based Second Amendment Foundation experienced an unexpected spike in membership among young adults ages 18-20 years old.

“We normally don’t get that many members or donors in that age group since the gun rights movement typically trends toward older Americans,” SAF founder and executive vice president Alan M. Gottlieb said. “But the 18- to 20-year-olds have never been specifically targeted before, and they are obviously alarmed.”

He added, “This influx of young Americans into the gun rights movement is important, not just to respond to the current gun control threat, but as the movement has gotten older, it is encouraging to see so many young adults getting involved in support of Second Amendment rights.”

Gottlieb said the increase in youth membership came in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting and particularly intensified after Florida raised the age limit to purchasing firearms to 21 and national firearms dealers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and L.L. Bean did the same.
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My bar for Trump is extremely low. Is he still not Hillary? Yes? All is well...
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15 min. Dark Stream

Vox Popoli: The God-Emperor's 300

The God-Emperor's 300
[Vox Day writes:] I'm half-amused and half-appalled by all the people declaring themselves off the Trump Train over the signing of the omnibus bill and the bump stock ban. What part of "two steps forward, one step back" do you not understand? What part of "lose the battle but win the war" escapes you? Are you Spartan or potter?

No one has claimed the God-Emperor is perfect. Indeed, as I have repeatedly pointed out, one of his best traits is his ability to admit his mistakes and learn from them. No one is claiming that these moves were intentional 12D underwater chess tactics, as he is clearly dealing with a frontal attack from the Democrat-Republicans in both the House and Senate as well as a number of hidden attacks to his flanks and rear from the Deep State.

Do you really think it is a coincidence that the Playboy and porn star stories are front and center on every media outlet while his daughter-in-law is divorcing his son, Theresa May is trying to start a war with Russia, and the stock market is undergoing daily 400-point swings? Do you seriously believe these things are not related to the God-Emperor taking the scalps of the #1 and #2 at the FBI, firing his Secretary of State, and the recent revelations about Facebook?

And do you not understand what these things represent on the Deep State's part? They represent desperation. They represent fear. They represent real change and they are the early signs of something important. I thought James Woods put it well in response to ex-CIA director John Brennan's open threats to the President.

You couldn’t get a toothpick up this guy’s ass with a pound of Vaseline right now. You’re next, swamp rat.

Ask yourself this: why are they behaving in this fashion? It isn't because they control the God-Emperor. It isn't because they have broken him. It is because they are afraid of him and what he is in the process of doing.

If you're off the Trump Train, so be it. Supporting the man is psychologically arduous, because it requires constantly resisting the social pressure to submit to the media narrative. I had my own moment of doubt, not about the God-Emperor, but his Grand Inquisitor, back in July because I could not see what Jeff Sessions was doing or understand why he seemed to be focused entirely on something that I thought was irrelevant. It subsequently turned out that he was not. Of course, the human mind being the self-deceiving instrument that it is, I actually had to look up whatever it was that had me so frustrated with the guy who has methodically taken out one after another of the Deep State's most strategically situated tools.

In my opinion, the God-Emperor has more than earned our continued confidence, even if he makes mistakes and missteps that are much bigger than simply signing an inevitable bill or allowing an enemy Congress its head. If you don't have that confidence in the man any longer, then you don't. So be it; these things are what they are. I'm certainly not going to criticize anyone for it, just as I refused to criticize Scott Adams when he lost his confidence in October 2016. You are free to disembark the train at any time and quietly despair. The rest of us, the God-Emperor's 300, will fight in the shade.

Democrats to the left. Republicans to the other left.
No friends, no allies, and the Deep State rising.
The God-Emperor stands alone but for his 300.

We may win. We may not.
We will not despair and we will not stop.
Trumpslide 2020!

Spartans, what is your profession?


can't spell TRIUMPH without T.R.U.M.P.

[quote]Was one of the steps forward hiring McMasters or was it Bolton? What was the strategy behind hiring and firing Tillerson?[/q]
[Vox Day:] No. We don't know. We don't know why he hired Tillerson, but we know why he fired him, because Tillerson was banging Theresa May's war drum.

I understand why Trump fired Tillerson but I think the timing was unfortunate. We were actually seeing some Swamp Draining at State which was a nice feeling. People are actually starting to ask the question, "What do we get out of it?" at the national level. That's something I haven't heard at all during the preceding 9 years. I am not sure Pompeo is an improvement but, fingers crossed.
And Bolton? That guy never saw a country he didn't want to bomb into rubble. Which is fine...so long as it is good cop/bad cop and not strategy.
None of the above are going to matter if we the Left continues to have an unfettered hand to elect a new people.

I've got no problem with a Man wanting to bomb adversaries back to the Stone Age; it's invading them that is the issue. He's also one of the most experienced Anti-Proliferation experts in the world, having actually accomplished a lot of the goals. (And I think I saw something about him being involved in Libya giving up their Nuclear Program. Probably more important for what Trump needs around.)

McMaster firing was a direct result of the leaking from his staff... the leak of the Putin congratulations phone call was the final nail. The Bolton hire may only be a placeholder but it most likely is related to the upcoming talks with N Koreans.

[q]Maybe that was the strategy all along.[/q]
Trump works like Belichick. Once someone does not fit the Plan, he gets someone who does. The Plan has different phases, so people with different skill sets are needed. He brought in Scaramucci just to leverage out Rence Priebus, for instance.

I was so disappointing yesterday that Trump didn't veto that omnibus...and I couldn't figure out:
1). Why he didn't
2). And, if he wasn't going to go through with the veto, why have a press conference that made him look defeated?
But...all things considered, it's a freakin' 6 month spending bill by a country so far in debt that it doesn't really matter. Especially when put against other priorities.
Vox is right. To paraphrase Thatcher, who had more cajones than some of these crying and whining Trump supporters who emote like teenage girls (Ann Coulter is schizophrenic. What happened to her?!), now is not the time to go soft.
I remain on the Trump train. Today is another day. Back to the day to day battles, while focusing on the overall war.
(As for the wall, the Democrats will NEVER give him his wall funding while there is a filibuster option available in the Senate and that is just the fact of the matter. They brag in fundraising newsletters about denying him his wall. They will never, ever allow it. So, the pressure should be on McConnell to nuke the filibuster. Until then, there will be no wall. And that isn't Trump's fault.)

Ann Coulter's what happens when you're 56-year-old woman without a husband or children; just imagine the shrill-voiced tweets she lobs out are actually her cats.

Some very autistic gentlemen are going over the spending bill. Little bombs buried here and there. The swamp may have funded its own draining.

[SnowTao:]Some $230+ million (total from a couple places) for the OIG: the OIG is where the "storm" is coming from. Over a MILLION pages of 'evidence' gathered so far. (INSANELY frustrating waiting and waiting and waiting -- but they HAVE to get it exactly right!)

[Various, mostly commenters at Vox Day:]
Its only a 6 month spending bill. It'll expire during the run up to elections. One does not choose to engage in every opportunity. One must pick your battles. I know the Dark Lord appreciates that. Have faith in the GEOTUS

Plus, it's an omnibus bill. Like others have noted, it gives money directly to Trump's control to do what he needs to do on other fronts. Sure, he should have vetoed for the override, just to mess up the Dhimmis, but that's passed.
Think about what Trump tends to do - make a big carrot for the MSM to attack him on while doing other actions. Tariffs, prosecutions, and Russia will be out of the news for a minute.

I do not know how accurate this is, but it is interesting:
Omnibus Bill is NOT a Federal Budget

This is another one of those big Porkulus Bills, like they gave Obama for 8 years. This is not a Budget..

An Omnibus Spending Bill may have some ‘instructions’ as to how the money will be spent…but Obama ignored them. He spent the money, or didn’t spend it, however he wanted to. And Congress didn’t do a thing about it! Because they couldn’t..

I think our President observed how this happened, year after year. He is bound to realize that those ‘appropriations’ for different things in these Omnibus bills…are merely ‘suggestions’.
If this was a 1-year bill, I would say all is lost.

However, it's a 6-month bill, which means it's only in effect until the end of September. That means new budget bills have to be presented in October.

And remember, Trump just said that he will NEVER sign another "take-it-or-leave-it" Unabridged-Oxford-English-Dictionary-sized bill ever again.

I think Trump signed it because he didn't want any of them realizing that to vote on new budget bills, starting 1 month before the next election would NOT work in favor of any of the swamp creatures.
Now they get to reveal, in debates and voting, while everyone is paying attention, whether their true loyalty is to the nation, or to the swamp.

The swamp creatures are NOT going to want to vote for any spending cuts right before the election -- if they do, their base will stay home... and if they insist on it, and override a veto, Trump's base, PLUS CONVERTS will swarm the polling places.

House Republicans are not going to vote to over ride a veto that's been vetoed due to
a) out-of-control spending
b) lack of immigration controls (wall; defunding cities, counties, and states in rebellion)

So, reading more about this Omnibus (not budget), as it gives the POTUS incredible power, and this is what BHO used for years to get whatever he wanted. In an Omnibus, the President has only received "advice" but can do whatever he likes with the money.
The God Emperor can use this bill to do as he wants, so he can slow roll money to all the projects he does not want, such as Sanctuary Cities to bleed them dry. He can give PP whatever. This is what BHO did, and Trump watched, now it's his turn.

The problem is that, like the rest of GOP exemplars, when they pick up a knife, it is not to attack the opponents, but to stab allies in the back.

For the record... this is not doom. This is not the end. its just a bad day. A pick 6 when you're up 10-0 isn't the game. Hell it doesn't even cost your the lead.
What Trump needs to do however... is give his base a scalp. He needs to build the damn wall.

[Note: Markku is the Finn in charge of Castalia House, Vox Day's Finnish publishing co.]

[Markku:] I have used up all the cognitive dissonance in me. I simply don't have any more to give. And I will not be shamed into lying.

[q]That being said, signing that turd of a bill and tweeting about banning bump stocks doesn't feel like winning.[/q]
[Vox Day:] So what? Do you really need your fee-fees stroked constantly? If it's a defeat, it's a defeat. They happen. Suck it up and go on to the next one.

[q] But I expected better from long time Ilk (even Markku, FFS) than "ZOMG muh feelz sez we iz doomed! DOOM-ed!!!"[/q]
[Vox Day:] Expectations of looming doom is the natural state for the average Finn.

[Markku:] Yep. There was a good Supreme Court nomination. That bought an amount of goodwill, but not an infinite amount.

For the Finns, Russia is always invading, aren't they?

[Markku:] If you ever stop thinking that Russia is going to be invading, that's when Russia is going to be invading.

And if anyone ever doubted Markku was Finnish...

[q]"But no, you expect the God-Emperor to soar across the finish line upon the awesome might of your impotent internet fulminations and little else."[/q]
[Markku:] No, we expected President Trump to just not sign the f__king bill. He signed it, so it's his bill now. It does no good whatsoever to whine how bad it is, when it's your name on the bill. If I sign a Castalia House contract, am I going to whine about how bad the deal is for Castalia House?
Just don't put your f___ing name on it. Sure, the cucks and the progs will conspire to get it passed, but it doesn't have your name on it. Then it's not your bill, and you CAN actually complain.

I won't pretend to know what Trump was thinking in signing the bill, but I will say that he's playing the optics well. He's noting that the Democrats failed DACA types, the Republicans failed Border Wall types, but the military is getting a nod and the military remains the happy place of center-right America. Even tosses a bone to fiscal conservatives by saying he'll demand line-item vetoes next time.

If you want to see a man playing all the angles from a bad situation, you might want to start paying attention, because he's said exactly what he needs to say so that the vast majority of people feel like he's given them a nod, even while those people are stuck in momentary irate mode about their pet item not getting the love they expected/demanded.

And you want to know what would happen if Congress overrided Trump's veto? Congress would have gotten the upper hand on Trump; they'd have overpowered him. I'd imagine Trump's allergic to letting anyone do that to him, besides it setting a terrible precedent where Congress got a taste of running rough-shod over Trump.

You wanted him to kowtow to your principles. Maybe he just didn't want blood in the water when swimming in a sea full of sharks trying to eat him.

Every time I think the GEoUS [God Emperor of the U.S.] has let down the team, I drink a beer, ignore it for a few days, come back later and wouldn't you know, he's extracting his size 17 EEEE steel-toed gold-capped rhinoceros hide boots from Chuck Schumer's ass.

You guys realize that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are to blame on this one? That congress crafts the bills that end up on Trump's desk?
If you were serious, you'd be going Angry Puppy on Paul Ryan right now, as he's up for reelection this year with the primary still to go in August. But no, you expect the God-Emperor to soar across the finish line upon the awesome might of your impotent internet fulminations and little else.
I'd join those pointing out that this spending bill only lasts six months, so will become an issue again just in time for the elections where you could turn it into a fine stake to pound through the heart of any GOPe critter who voted for it...But you'd have to find your heads again first.
Suggesting that congress will remain Trump's Achilles' Heel until you get serious enough to start firing GOPe reps and senators - you know, make the uniparty feel some inkling of pain for once - would be a total waste of time.

Well, it looks to me like (and bear in mind here that I could be totally FOS, it's happens with some regularity) Trump could either:

A) Sign the bill and look like an asshole.


2) Veto the bill, get over-ridden, and then look like an impotent asshole.

When faced with a shitty set of choices like that, I'd expect a politician to choose the one that at least lets him look/pretend like he's still master of his own destiny.

I'd be tickled shitless to get rid of Paul Ryan, but he's not my representative, so I don't get to vote for or against him keeping his job.

MY rep is a nobody, but he votes like we want him to, because he knows we'd hang his ass from an oak tree if he did otherwise.

Paul Ryan's constituents have obviously failed to effectively convey this sort of message to the Speaker.

I can't do anything about that, except to encourage them to do so as vigorously as I can.

This is the reason nothing ever changes in congress.

"Congress" has an approval rating of something like 7%, but when they ask people about "their representative" the aggregate approval rating goes up to something like 85%.

We all like OUR reps, it's all of YOUR reps that are killing the country.

It sure as hell ain't me who keeps electing Nancy Pelosi to congress, but SOMEBODY is, and I'd wager they're pretty happy with the shit she smears all over the walls inside the Capitol.

Thus the impending civil war.

Golly gee ms molly, there are some down in the dumps people this posting. There have been much negative thoughts on the Donald today; opps, I mean the Imperial GE. I refuse to give up on the man; his is an awful burden this swamp draining and all. Will wait and hope for the best. Alternatives. 4th. war I guess. Would rather not that, thank you. Unless absolutely necessary. So, I continue to Stand with the President with hopes for much success in the weeks ahead. I was intrigued with the discussions that this was an 'omnibus' bill whose idea was made famous by our own Obama. Good for the goose good for ganders. Has anyone here actually read the whole darn thing? Trump may be laughing in his beer. If he actually drank that stuff. That omnibus money may be his greatest gambit yet.Lets hope the job does not drive him to strong drink. Right now we need him sober as a judge.

The Republican Party is indeed the problem. The hypothetically "Republican" Trump does not have a party at his back. His political backing consists of only a small fraction of GOP. The rest are worthless cucks. Given that fact, Trump's political power is unavoidably going to be very limited. In signing the spending bill, he was bowing to the inevitable: he simply did not have the votes. And if there is one thing Trump is not about, it's quixotic gestures. Making Congress override his veto would have been just a waste of time and energy best spent elsewhere.

Given Trump's statement that he will not sign another such bill, just how does he think that his relative political weakness is going to change? What is going to change so that he will be able to push his agenda?

The political facts in this country would have to undergo a major change, much like what happened in 1854: at that time, the Whigs recognized their inability to deal with the volatile issues of that day, and disintegrated. Some of their members went on to form the new and dynamic Republican Party, and proceeded to get Abraham Lincoln elected to the Presidency six years later.

The difference here is that we have a Lincoln before we have a viable party to back him in Congress. Cart before horse, etc. What's got to happen is that the GOP must be made to realize its impotence and irrelevance. For this country to live, the Republican Party must die, and another must rise in its place. Not a "third party" but a new party, that includes as its nucleus the true conservative elements of the old Republicans and the Democrats who have seen the light on the right.

How could this be made to happen? If Trump made the destruction of the Republican Party his goal, he could create the right set of circumstances. He could openly discredit the GOP. The problem with that is that it would probably not benefit him politically. The ensuing chaos might take a decade to sort out, and meanwhile Trump would be viewed as a wrecker. Perhaps if he did it during his second term, when a President has nothing to lose?
By the by, that bump stock ban is the equivalent to Trump sending 59 Tomahawks at an empty airfield in the middle of nowhere, Syria.

A lot of sound and fury to get some opposition pressure off, and sure, a small betrayal to the base. But seriously, bump stocks are not the pebble that sets off the avalanche of doom. Sucks? Yes. Slippery Slope? Yes. Will it decide the fate of anything? Not even a little bit.

It's a distraction that let's him say he did something until the laser pointer wanders somewhere else and everyone gets amnesia from the new media crisis. Most will forget it faster than the spending bill, because most people know less about bump stocks than they do about the AR 15.

This isn't 12D Underwater Chess either, this is a basic 'crisis' resolution move for him. Bump Stocks in one hand, signaling approval for armed personnel at schools in the other, and behind it all, he has real work to get done within areas that he can actually do something about. Like trade. And whatever Storm may or may not be brewing.

Trump has spent over 6 months going pure Machiavelli on DACA. It was Game Theory optimized approach, given the situation.
I don't doubt your support, but the vague concept of removing Bump Stocks, not the reality, is what you're blackpilling yourself over? We haven't even seen the what the approach will be, there'll be a comment period and Trump can be put under pressure to kill the entire concept. Have you missed how Trump does the "many words" approach?
Forces can be far better arrayed against a reality than vague notions. Trump uses a reverse Gaslighting approach when they try to pull Media PsyOps. It's beyond messy, but it works from a strategic level. The issue is we don't know what they're actually doing. So put away the blackpills.

To be fair, the above poster didn't specify whose puppet Trump might be. There are puppet-masters outside the U.S. Establishment.
Maybe Trump is a tool of the archangel Michael.

DACA is still dead. NK is at the bargaining table. Tariffs on China and Steel/Aluminum. NAFTA is going to die soon. Job growth starting to roll in. Oil & Gas production are way up. Coal is coming back on line.

Business Tax Cuts, the ones that matter at the big economic level, got through. Screws are being put into the Imbalance of Trade across the entire economy.

I'd say that's a pretty good sign you're dealing with a pretty good strategist, especially as the entire Swamp is against him.

However, that doesn't mean there aren't issues or everything is perfect. I don't doubt concerns about removing Bump Stocks, but there's also a bunch of potential avenues and the Details matter. Trump will listen if enough noise can be made, but, at this moment, we only have some Tweets to go off. Once there's anything concrete, then we can send up the Bat Signal.

[Alex Jones apparently claimed that the DeepState (secretly, to Trump) threatened a 10,000 point drop in the market unless Trump signed the spending bill... No confirmation, no idea...]

[Markku:]I mean, what the hell is going on here?
And this after I've made excuse after excuse after excuse how it's underwater 12D chess.
Just. Can't. Do. It. Any. More.[/q]
[Vox Day:] What is going on is a war. You are utilizing the wrong model for your analysis. The FBI #1 and #2 are gone. The Inspector General report is coming and by all accounts it is going to be a big deal.
I'm not at all surprised at the threat to tank the stock market. If it is true, it is good news. It shows how desperate the Deep State is, and how relatively impotent they have become. Trump knows he can't stop that, (no president could) and apparently he isn't ready to let them do it yet.
But I expect that he will let them do it when the time is right.

[q]There is no credible evidence that Trump is playing some deep game here. Most of the furor surrounding bump stocks after Mandalay Bay had already died when Trump suggested regulating them.[/q]

Did you or did you not just watch Trump Agree & Amplify DACA to death. I still can't believe it worked, but there you go. He got to kill it and blame the Democrats and Congress too.I

There four reasons why the legacy media is talking about fully semi-auto assault rifles with a chainsaw bayonet, a thing that goes up, and high-speed clips:
1. They're dumb;
2. They're ignorant;
3. They're lazy;
4. And nonsense *works*.

They are so passionate about disarming the American People and making us helpless that I believe they would voluntarily sign up for a full load of online math, physics, engineering, and computer science classes if they thought it would help. But they don't need to.

So here comes good ol' Donny Two-Scoops offering a bump stock ban that will fix everything, and then what can they do? Say he's wrong and explain how they were full of s#$& when they made a big deal out of them earlier? Let him dissipate years' worth of carefully stoked frenzy in a catharsis that gets them nowhere?

Sure, make use of the mandated comment period to lobby and stuff. But unless you have a lot more emotional energy than me, consider saving your outrage for final products. I'm literally waiting for him to actually disburse the funds to PP before I get mad about it, to avoid the whipsaw if he doesn't.

[q]"This is the primary reason I doubt the whole 4D chess theory. Bump stocks do not change a rifle from semi-auto to full auto. Banning them opens a door to all manner of issues. This is not a slippery slope. This is a cliff. Going off it requires us to redefine what automatic and semi-automatic are."[/q]
[SnowTao:] On the other hand -- ALL he did was *specifically and exactly* ban bump stocks. He (fake) pleased the left-idiots by 'showing them' he was willing to 'protect the children... But DID nothing else! (Well, not about gun rights.) He did NOT redefine any guns; he banned a single specifically named accessory.

[SnowTao:]And this? His EXACT words:
"We will BAN all devices that turn legal weapons into illegal machine guns."
is EXACTLY worded to buffalo the idiots, isn't it? IS there a device that turns legal weapons into illegal machine guns? So, what the hell IS he banning here? (Oh look! It's a "assault weapon!" Scary lookin' ain't it?!)

Yes, it's parsing his words exactly; it's being all dialectic and precise; it satisfies the enemy, upsets (the hell out of) but does NOT betray his base, AND it makes him seem (to the MPAI) as if he's being reasonable.

Do I know for sure he's doing this? No, of course not.

Does he always SEEM to do this when we look back... uh, yeah, pretty much!

When he lets the MPAI (esp. including the idiot media and libs) jump up-and-down with joy because "he always seems to agree with whomever he spoke with last"; you have to look VERY closely (and back in time) to see that, while he *seemed* to agree with everyone in the TV meeting with Congress on DACA; he actually GOT the MPAI Congress to do nothing at all -- and as he said yesterday -- DACA has now disappeared from the Dems... Same with the 'ban guns' TV Meeting with congress: He did NOTHING related to his "seemed to agree" and then GOT HIS WAY! (not completely, but enough for now!]

[Markku:]"It is absolutely and utterly delusional to call this the strong move."[/q]
[SnowTao:] Uh, I haven't seen ANYONE calling this a strong move. They've called it lots of things -- but strong is not one of them. And yes, to an extent, we're LOOKING for something positive and useful about a really painful step or mis-step... Won't know for 6 months which it was.
I keep hoping the whole "he can spend omnibus money however he wants" will result in him, on Monday, sending builders to the border! I know it (probably) won't. I'm trusting that he IS running some massive "Manhattan Project" under the bowling alley in the WH -- and I'm praying that the "nuclear bomb" he has them building WORKS on the first test.

[q] "I say it buys him nothing."[/q]
[SnowTao:] It bought him 6 mos of delirious Dhimmis dancing and ululating and paying NO ATTENTION WHATSOEVER to what Trump is actually trying to do to save this country! It brought food and water to a starving military.
I ain't happy, but I'll take it, and trust in Trump!
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Few comments from "around" -- various sites...

During the press conference it stood out to me when he emphatically said border security is part of our national defense. I think he just got the funding for the Wall

And when will we learn, Trump never tweets anything he doesn't already have the answer to. "Got 1.6 billion for the wall, rest will be forthcoming."

Soooo... let’s try this here and see if it gains traction: Omnibus contains funding for tribunals.
$304 million dollars for the safe houses, uparmored convoys, and secure communications for witnesses. $304 MILLION DOLLARS is not a small amount and where in US history has something like this ever been done before? http://docs.house.gov/billsthisweek/...-RCP115-66.pdf Page 159

Mentions title 5SS3109. Title 5SS3109 mentions senior executive service by name.

And Trump was all like “Oh no! You guys were soooo tough! I couldn’t beat them!”

I believe this to be correct as trump said in his talk today construction will start on the the wall tomorrow, in spite of what all the pundits say it does fund the wall.

Congress can’t impede when he uses the $80b for National Security + US Army Corps of Engineers to build wall. They don’t make Fix-a-fences... nor can this bill prevent any walls constructed under US military for National Security. He played this Omnibus just like Obama but for good, not evil.

Wow I did not realize this, but you're absolutely right it's an omnibus. The implications here could spell disaster for the deep state!

And of course Trump knows and knew it all along.

Stable genius!!!

VERY stable genius.

Ozero was never bound by a Budget…because Congress never passed one during his 8 years! That’s why he was able to spend money on whatever he wanted to. Or… not spend money on things he didn’t want to see funded.
And Congress didn’t do a thing about it.

CORRECT...barry NEVER had a budget in 8 yrs...but spent $$$$ like a madman

Obama says he won't be bound by gun-control ban in omnibus | TheHill
What's good for the goose....
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You wanna get married?

Can I share this across another forum?
That was fantastic and I rarely read long diatribes.

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And now, for a brief humor break:
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And again?
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How bout one more?
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I was just thinking a couple weeks ago when my daughter had her knee operation...next time i will get a full on makeup team to age everyone 30 years for when they are done and in recovery.
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