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David Hogg's Next Crusade: Opposing Voter Identification Laws

David Hogg's Next Crusade: Opposing Voter Identification Laws


Funny how a few weeks ago, this snowflake was just a high school kid who was just trying to figure out how to pass his next class so much who then, after a school shooting incident, brought thousands of people, all the alphabet networks and great numbers of celebrities and politicians together all across this country to demand gun control.......all on short notice and with gigantic banners and super security forces in place! Now, he is making it his mission to oppose voter ID laws across this country. Once, when I was buying over-the-counter Sudafed Sinus medication, I had to pull a card off the shelf, present it to the pharmacist and pull out my state drivers license to be allowed to buy this item. But yet, when I went to vote in the 2008 election (at the downtown voting headquarters) I was not asked for and didn't see other voters asked for their ID's? I have been asked in recent years at my local polling place!

And Mr. Hogg wants to eliminate voter ID requirements that he says "disproportionatly effects people of color and the poor!"?? I'm not rich but, except for that one freak year of 2008, I have always been asked to present a valid form of ID. Identifying if voters are eligible only makes sense and if that is a hardship then maybe the person shouldn't be allowed to vote.

This Hogg appears to have "special" talent and it makes you wonder how this could all happen from a high school student without a major backer supporting and grooming him for a future in politics?? Something is really out of wack in the universe IMO!
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wait what!!!!!!

go to 4:26

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Originally Posted by Shootinit View Post
I thought he was at the school in the thick of it. But, he was at home and then rode his bike there to get video?!? WTH? That little turd has a different story every time I see him.
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Thank Soros and Bloomturd. They had a demon child out of wedlock. Hogg was his name and nurturing from the master demons is his game.

May he ride his bike and fall on his face to show what really lyes beneath.

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Turns out CBS edited the excerpt. He was talking about going back to the school in the twilight to "CameraHogg" some more.
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Schrödinger’s Hogg: he was in the school and not in school at the same time.

Bunch of commenters from my fav blog:
Vox Popoli: David Hogg, Crisis Actor, forgets his lines

Can't find the picture at the moment, but someone found the transcript for what CBS edited out. So the question: is CBS intentionally trying to make Fake News to get a response? (News Media is still filled with incompetents, so not everything is intentional. Though you can't assume as such.)

Found the explanation: https://twitter.com/ed_grimly/status/978439328937332736

CBS basically created a strawman that would, rightly, be attacked.
{Vox Day comments: }I would tend to assume by accident here. Because, if you think about it, what would be the point of doing so intentionally? All this does is raise the question of where there is any evidence that David Hogg was at the school earlier that day? We're supposed to take the word of a kid who, at best, is a complete camera whore at this point?

But if they're intentionally trying to give themselves the ability to point and cry "fake news", then what does that tell you about the relative weakness of their position?
This instance might actually be unintentional, but they create so many strawmen to push discussion off-topic that I would assume intention, as a first step. If someone viewed Hogg as no longer useful, and possibly a problem, Gaslighting him makes sense. Makes another rabbit trail to get people lost in.

Twitter loved to do this by making changes to trending topic auto-completes so topics got split up. Creates a diversion while burning out a player that's no longer useful.
Related to the update, has anyone else noticed you can almost instantly tell when a big issue is not related to the Swamp? The Austin Bombing campaign is a good example. The news was barely making national headlines, the Police were giving regular & useful updates, local authorities weren't trying to induce panic and they tracked the bomber down as fast as they could.

Compare that with Parkland. The bodies weren't even cold and they were already on the Anti-2A push. Completely different approach, discussion and narrative.

The Pulse shooting was out of the National News in under 48 hours. The instant it was "Possibly Gay Muslim kills Gays", they memoryholed it. Heck, they were memoryholing it while it was happening on Reddit.
Could you imagine if Hogg was hired for this role by the Feds and ended up over sleeping.

"Crap, I'm late for the shooting!"

Ferris Bueller music begins to play as he rushes to school.
He forgets his lines a lot.
As in the video that appeared of him messing up his lines and having to redo the shoot multiple times.
They really got a below 90 IQ point freak for this false flag.
Just wondering why/how anyone was allowed to leave the school and then return again like it was no biggie to grab his ride and cruise outta dodge.

I was in high school over 20 years ago. Security was more lax and kids could come and go with fewer restrictions, but when a major problem happened, parents were called and no one left without someone signing them out.

So I’ll remain highly skeptical for many reasons
I've seen so many videos of him saying things that don't add up. Wrong times mentioned, different locations, knowing the name of the shooter before the shots have supposedly even stopped. I don't know what happened, but I know everything he says is a lie.
These kids being hand picked for their roles, and the best they could come up with is an arrogant, pencil-necked Hitler youth and a Marxist lesbian with a shaved head. You would think they would come up with more sympathetic puppets to dance in front of the few members of the public that haven't dug in to one side or the other of the gun debate by now. Those people are relatively normal. Those are the people who wanted to be sympathetic to Black Lives Matter until they were put off by the riots and blocked ambulances. These activists and government handlers really suck at putting on a convincing show, probably because they despise the public they are trying to manipulate.
(quotes earlier commenter: )"But if Hogg went home and got his camera AFTER the shooting, as he clearly states, then how could he have had it in the school closet DURING the shooting?"

he didn't go home to get his camera. he went home because they told all the kids to go home and or his dad came and got him.

Then he got on his bike and went back. Look at the timeline in the transcript. It's the afternoon. After the shooting when he is going home. It's the transcript of what happened between about 5pm and 11pm.

and... if you're correct and it's an actual screw up... then they got lucky because the explanation that I just gave is a believable one.

Hell I hate the little bastard and I find the explanation believable. He says he wanted to go back to get some b-roll. B-roll is alternative or supplemental footage... suggesting he already had the main footage.

This isn't the smoking gun. or if it is... it's unfortunate because it will not be recognized as such.
{Vox Day answers:} he didn't go home to get his camera. he went home because they told all the kids to go home and or his dad came and got him.

Of course. But his wording makes it clear that he did NOT have the camera previously, at the school, assuming that he ever was at the school.
I'm not saying this will convince anyone else. But it is sufficient to convince me. As an editor, I have learned that word choices are far more significant than most people realize. I learn far more about my writers and their psyches than I would prefer simply by reading their unedited work.
"no question. I was like "Get some b roll"? Who talks like that?"
Anderson Cooper.
{And finally:} it seems to me that this is a good time to flip the whole "America is an Idea" narrative on the commies.
If America is an idea... and anyone who shares that idea can be an American... then can't we say that anyone who does NOT share that idea is NOT American?

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Ha ha ha! Then there's this:
Besides gun control, organizers for the “March for our Lives” have been advocating for stricter background checks.

They failed to live up to their own standards.

It appears organizers did not properly vet or perform background checks on the performers at their own event, as one had an arrest just last year – on a gun charge.

Doc Thompson of The Blaze first reported that rapper Vic Mensa, who performed at the “March for our Lives” rally, was arrested last year on a gun charge: specifically, carrying a handgun without a proper permit. He eventually paid a fine and was given probation for the offense.

At the rally, Mensa dedicated his song to “all the unarmed black men killed by police weapons.”

And, in case anyone isn't "up":
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