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Wink My Son Just Re-Enlisted!! AGAIN!!!!

This morning my son re-enlisted for another 4 years in the U.S. Army. He is stationed in Vilseck, Germany, but is currently deployed to Poland. He chose to re-enlist at the Wolf's Lair, Hitler's eastern front headquarters in Kętrzyn, Poland.

They held the ceremony on the top of the Führer Bunker at the Wolf's Lair. Normally, no one is allowed up there. It was also the very first time that an American flag was ever displayed atop the structure. Since they were in Eastern Poland and very close to the Russian border, they could not be in uniform.

LBUT4742.JPG <----- Taking Re-Enlistment Oath-2018

He likes these dramatic locations for re-enlistment. His first re-up was held in Iraq, just outside Mosul, with a Blackhawk helicopter hovering in the background!! Second re-up was on the beach just outside Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii. Now the Wolf's Lair. He's now more than half way toward retirement. He only has 9 1/2 more years to go!!!

Iraq-Blackhawk-Kent's 2009 re-enlistment.jpg <-----Iraq-2009
Re-Enlistment 2014 Hawaii2.jpg <-----Hawaii-2014

As I have stated before.......

The Lineman-Proud Army Dad!!

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God bless him!
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Congratz. Pass the word of thanks and God Bless....

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Thank your son for me there Lineman! I like the fact your son wants to serve love his sense of history! So important without our history we have nothing. I should also add without your son and many others serving in the military there would be no such thing as freedom!
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Congratz, Thank him for me and Thank you for raising a outstand son.
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Awesome re-enlistment services. Thank your son for us, with him on overwatch I know all is well.
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Congrats proud papa. please thank you son for me and my family.
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God bless him and all who serve!
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Dad, good job raising an outstanding son!

Son: Thank you for your service sir! We need many more like you! Ow Rah!
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God bless him and thank you for raising a great son. Thank him for me

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