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university police kill Portland man

I just read the story. I guess a guy trying to break up a bar fight in Portland last night was shot by the responding officers. Apparently his pistol fell out of the holster while he was involved in the scuffle. When he picked it up he was shot...
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I think that's why my state of Wisconsin does not allow CCW in taverns.

Truth be told after watching idiots in bars for years, I don't think drunks should be allowed to carry a concealed spit-wad.

It's also one of the reasons I quit going to bars decades ago.
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I'm not sure exactly where the guy came from? This happened outside the saloon. The article said he was attempting to de escalate the situation? I'll agree though that public bars and guns aren't a great mix. I live in GA, Athens in fact (lots of bars), I'm fairly certain you can carry almost anywhere you want but it's really unusual to hear of shootings outside "the hood".
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Posts: 2,563, hadn't watched the video. Looks like the cop should have used better judgement? Hindsight is 20/20 though.
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The clown wasn't de-escalating anything. He was fighting. When the police came, he kept fighting. Sometimes being dead is the price you must pay for being an idiot.

Join the NRA
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My wife informed me that an earlier piece on the event stated that their jurisdiction allows the police to shoot a fleeing felon.

Here in the Peoples' Republik of Madison you have to get the banger's permission on camera before the police can use harsh language.
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In Tennessee, gun carry is legal in bars. A lot of folks freaked out when 'Guns in Bars' became law, predicting drunken brawl shootouts and all the rest. Yawn. That was back in 2009... we're doing fine.

Can't tell much from the video but my hunch is that everyone would have gone home alive if the university mall cop hadn't been there.

Gentlemen, keep your carry guns secure.
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In Texas, establishments that serve alcohol post a sign. It indicates if their sales comprise at least 51% in food service. If so, you can carry in there, if not.... Nope
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Exclamation More GA Info.....

Yes, you can carry in a bar in Georgia. have a Georgia Weapons License AND you have permission from the bar owner. And I don't think that happens very damn often!!!

I watched the video and the victim DID NOT have the pistol secured in a holster. It was stuffed in his right front pants pocket and hanging out. After the gun fell out of his pocket and he picked it up, he was given the command to drop the gun, then he was shot. It was unclear if he complied with the command or not. However, the result was that he was shot multiple times.

Anyone with a CCW should be ready to comply with lawful police commands, even if it means dropping their pretty, new, pristine pistol on a sidewalk. If not, they should be ready to receive the consequences!! The video did not show if he complied or if the officers went beyond what the situation called for. Justification for the shooting is unclear! IMHO!!

I believe that since there were police officers at the scene, the victim should have left them to do there duty and not become involved. That's just me!!
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