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The savvy keyboard commando.

As most of you know, I am also a member of a prepper forum.

To that, anyone who has ever seen me type on a computer always says the same thing, "Chico, stop typing, that's the panini press, the computer is over here..."

I also had to call my friends who run a "Geek service" to set up the new Dell computer I received. Heck, I was scared on which edge of the Dell carton to slice open, fearing there was something electronic and expensive on that side.

Clearly, for me a computer is a big dumb adding machine.

So I was surprised when I got a PM from one of the admin/mods at the prepper forum asking me why I used two names on his board. I told him the truth, I have been "The Tourist" since the old Bladeforums days, and I really wouldn't know how to make a fake entry if my life depended on it.

Several PMs when back and forth. Finally, I pointed out to him that he was the one who showed me how to print pictures from an outside source. You could almost hear him say, "Oh, it's that dummy..."

Well, I'm still a member in good standing. I reminded him that unless it says "Harley-Davidson" on the logo I do not know how to fix it. I didn't get into the "wet rock" scenario, only you guys know that treatise is the sad truth...
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