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It's hard not to be racist over this.

I enjoy the morning newspaper, at least I did until this morning.

The entire front section was about how our Madison blacks deliberately chose a life of crime, got caught, did time, and now are back out in the world asking for a second chance. It was the tone of the piece that got me, it was like a fairy story seeking a happy ending.

Madison has white drug dealers, bikers, old guard mafioso, aggressive drunks, homeless derelicts and your normal wad of juvenile delinquents. None of them get clutched to the bosom of a liberal's heart.

Madison has always been an easy city for blacks to live. They come up from Chicago (one cop told me has asked for ID once and got a ten year old copy of an Illinois drivers license) and bring the crud with them.

Now, we don't get the dangerous bangers, their inefficiency with firearms demonstrates that most were driven out of Chicago by the really tough ones. But how hard can it be to pull your pants all the way up and stop committing crimes to begin with?

Oh, and buy some condoms. I no longer live inside Madison so I do not pay their property taxes. But Madison residents pay far too much support to illegitimate children.
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Exclamation Think You Got It Bad, Chico?

You have African-American gang rejects relocating to Madison from Chicago. I feel for you!!!

A few years ago, Oprah (yeah, the one who brought us Barrack Obama) informed her African-American audience that the City of Snellville, in Gwinnett County, Georgia was THE place for African-Americans to live.

Well, at that time, Snellville was a nice quaint, sleepy, Southern town. It was peaceful and pleasant. It also was the home to South Gwinnett High School---the highest rated high school in the State of Georgia!! That was why I moved to the Snellville area: for my kids to attend South Gwinnett. Thankfully, my kids graduated before "OCRA" opened her big fat yap!!! One going on to graduate with honors from the University of West Georgia and landing a job with Traveler's Insurance Co. and the other to a career in the U.S. Army.

Now, South Gwinnett is infested with New York and Chicago street gangs. The poor Georgia teachers and administrators can't even begin to deal with them. It is a rare day when you drive by and don't see at least two Snellville or Gwinnett County police cars in front of the school!! It is now one of the worst, most violent schools in the state and I would not dare send anyone there that I cared about! Just waiting for the school shooting to occur!! It IS coming!!

Thanks a lot, "OCRA"!!! You managed to turn the best school in Georgia into an open septic tank. The residents of Snellville now wish that "Home of the Comets" meant that a runaway comet had struck the site of South Gwinnett High School and left nothing but a deep, steaming, toxic crater filled with the sewage of the lowest of human refuse!!

These days, I do all that I can to avoid the City of Snellville all together!!! The peaceful little Southern town is now a big time crime ridden Northern sewer, just like the south side of Chicago!!!

Chico, we will gladly trade you a pack of your Madison "wanna-be gang bangers" for a herd of our real life Chicago/New York style street THUGS!! Any day, buddy!!!

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That's why I always paraphrase Heath Ledger by saying that as a the Capital City of Wisconsin, Madison deserves a better class of criminal.

They just dumped a bunch of money into The East Towne Mall (my favorite place for over-priced substandard coffee) with cameras, a new police office, a dinner/theater, and a Lulu's.

Yesterday I found an overweight something (honest, couldn't tell if it was male or female) asleep in the back section of the cafe' where it's hard for the supervisors to see the traffic. Oh, how I craved a .45 ACP blank cartridge, but you know how suave and retiring I am as a trusted member of the community.

I try not to be a snob, God loves all his children. But it is disconcerting to always have users and abusers to haunt places people go to relax.

Oh, here's a serious question. Why does a black guy have to chew out his wife at ninety decibels in the middle of a cafe' as a matter of course? He knew she bugged him before they left home. Why didn't they fight there?
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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Chico, you Wisconsinites brought it on yourselves. Do a little investigating and see how generous Wisconsin was with their welfare payments back in the early 80's. Why would someone receiving X dollars for doing nothing in Chicago stay here when they could move less then 100 miles north and receive XX dollars for doing the same nothing they were doing in Chicago?
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"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."-- Thomas Jefferson
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GOV Pallenty and the churches brought in all the Somalis here.

Sure some work but most of the money goes back to their country while sucking on our resources.

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Originally Posted by Chuck43 View Post
Chico, you Wisconsinites brought it on yourselves. Do a little investigating and see how generous Wisconsin was with their welfare payments back in the early 80's.
I know, I know. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, did high school in Menomonee Falls, and got my sheepskin at the UW Madison.

I watched the slide first hand.

We make jokes about the mall, but I don't drink alcohol or smoke, places like "Buffalo Wild Wings" get too loud for me when they're only half full of patrons. I have my own table and chair at the cafe' and for two pleasant hours, I read and calm myself.

It works, in the afternoon I'm calm and I can concentrate on my polishing. Okay, okay, this week was a Charlie-Francis, but a knife is still going out.

My point is that if you have to be Richard A. Cranium, why can't you do it at a ribs joint or Escalade dealership? Why does this simian politics have to touch everything?
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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Originally Posted by Shootinit View Post
GOV Pallenty and the churches brought in all the Somalis here.
Yes and all you damned libs (okay, the five libs who are here) and you whole bunch of "conservatives" (who were not even able to conserve women's bathrooms!) DID NOT SPEAK OUT for fear of being called racist! Has ANY ONE of you gone to your minister/church board and opened a serious truthful discussion about immigration and the destruction of this country?! About race and the future of ACTUAL Christianity -- not Christianity mixed with animism and voodoo? IS your church 'removing the crucifix' so as not to "offend"?!?! (Literally: Jesus H. Christ!! WHERE is the Church Militant?! Will you go down to destruction without awakening and fighting back at all!?)

Jesus describes the "Good Samaritan" who HELPS a beaten "refugee" -- but the GS does NOT bring him into his home and let him have his daughter (either by marriage or rape ) -- the man Jesus is praising PAYS to put the injured man up in a local hotel (local to the place where the injured man was traveling THROUGH) -- until he is well enough to continue his journey OUT of his area! HOW do modern "Churchians" manage to turn that into "bring them ALL HERE!! (Oh, right, because the govt gives literally MILLIONS of (our tax) dollars TO the Churches to bring them here!)

Hell, I get a ration dumped on me here not too infrequently -- because *I* am not a conservative, I'm vehemently Alt Right and speak (well, write) the truth; I provide facts and sources that some of you find uncomfortable. Did you (COULD you?!) not realize that bringing an UNcivilized people with an average IQ of 65 (that's ACTUALLY RETARDED!!) from their shithole Somali and similar countries (that THEIR people created! That their people ALWAYS create, no matter where they are?) to what WAS our advanced technological society could not POSSIBLY turn them into First Worlders?!

(Granted, "some of": ) You hate the idea that "where there are africans, there is africa" -- but go look at Detroit ("Detoilet": once legitimately called the PARIS of North America), Chicago ("Chicongo"), Ballimore, and any other 'massively black' city. Lots of ("you can rape my son and daughter, just don't call me a racist!") "conservatives" cover themselves with: "oh, it's a Democratically run city which is why it's a shithole in America." But Portland Oregon has been democratically run for decades -- and WAS still a lovely clean American city (granted with stupid rules and people) until they began importing africans... it's not dead yet, but it's going there! It's not dying BECAUSE of democrats, it's dying because of what democrats import! (Will you NOT FACE the truth?! Will you let your -- and your children and grandchildren's -- COUNTRY DIE, rather than face the truth?!)

(Granted, "some of": ) You're all... "they only want a better life." And woe unto anyone pointing out that they are DESTROYING OUR BETTER LIVES -- that OUR people built for "our posterity" (NOT for every two-legged subhuman animal on the globe!). Can you not recognize that they are INCAPABLE to either building a civilized society or creating any technology; OR MAINTAINING it once we build it and give it to them?

Yeah, it's a sore spot for me. I am NOT "an eeeeeeevil racist scum who is lying and providing false info here" -- and yet (a very few) folks insult me and block me because what I tell them -- WITH REFERENCE TO SOURCE MATERIAL!!! -- is something they won't look at and realize is TRUE! (Hell, I'm not even evil -- just a truthful race realist. YOU may not be interested in reality, but reality is interested in you. AND your children!)

(And no, oddly enough, I am NOT a Christian! Well, I describe myself as both a 'cultural Christian' and a wistful non-Christian. A cultural Christian is one who recognizes that the ONLY "salvation" for our White, Western, Euro-derived civilization will be the three pillars Vox Day describes:

Vox Popoli: Restoring the deconstructed West
Western civilization is a consequence of three things: The European nations, Christianity, and the Graeco-Roman legacy of philosophy and law. To restore it, anything and everything that stands in the way of those three things has to go.

The elite narratives that are designed to subvert and undermine the three pillars of the West must be rejected. These include "civil rights", "civic nationalism", "social justice", "equality", and "Judeo-Christianity", "feminism", and "racism".

One of the challenges is that many people who generally support Western civilization nevertheless support one or more of these elite narratives in the misguided opinion that it benefits their identity in the long term. This is why women pursue higher education that leaves them barren because it is "good for women", blacks pursue expansions of the welfare system because it is "good for blacks", Mexicans fight English-only laws because it is "good for Spanish-speakers", Italians and Irish pursue religious pluralism because it is "good for Catholics" and why Jews attempt to change national population demographics because it is "good for the Jews".

In each case, the group's perception of what benefits them is short-sighted, and in the long term, wrong. And, if their objectives stand in the way of what strengthens the European nations, Christianity, and the Graeco-Roman legacy, they have to be defeated, and if necessary, expelled from the West. This is what the Alt-Right ultimately stands for: the survival and restoration of the West. This is what logic, truth, science, and history all dictate. And upon this, everything from Netflix and smartphones and freedom of conscience and the rule of law to the ability to flush toilets in your house ultimately depends.

This is why I don't blink or back down when people call me racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic, or anything else. Because doing so necessarily makes them anti-West, anti-Christian, and anti-White, and I will choose the historical reality of the white Christian West over whatever bizarre, dysfunctional dystopia they imagine will take its place every single time.
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And before anyone blows a gasket about the "Judeo-Christian" thing, I'm old enough -- and many of you OUGHT to be old enough -- to remember when our country (OUR country!) was only and always referred to as a CHRISTIAN nation! When (and by whom? and for what purposes?) did it 'suddenly' become a "Judeo-Christian" nation?

What "Judeo-" parts of culture and political theory -- that HAD NOT BEEN A PART OF OUR FOUNDING -- were and are now being pushed as "part of" the Founding of OUR country?

(Have you not noticed folks now trying to suggest we should call it a Judeo-Muslim-Christian nation?! WILL you let them continue to pull the contaminated poisonous wool over your eyes? Have you ever spoken with Millennials and beyond? Your grandchildren and their friends? They are fully propagandized.)

How is it that Christian churches now do all these ecumenical things with religions you are SUPPOSED to believe have the wrong ideas? HOW is it that Pope KISSED A KORAN!? Do you even KNOW the name of Charles Martel, much less how he SAVED White Western Christian Europe?? Your kids and their kids do not!

How it is Christian churches are now NOT preaching the actual gospel -- and even removing Christ and crosses "so as not to offend"?! Okay with you? EITHER we save our country, our nation, our people (YOUR offspring!!) -- or we lose it. Which side are you ON!?

Alright. I'm gone... Cassandra, too, sometimes lost her temper as she cried the truth and no one listened...

I'm taking my CA friends to the range tomorrow. Will post a range report sometime soon.
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When all is said and done most immigrants legal or otherwise will EVENTUALLY breed voters. I don't care what color the smoke screen is today, the underlying goal is for there to be more Democrats in my opinion.
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[QUOTE=SnowTao;869508]What "Judeo-" parts of culture and political theory -- that HAD NOT BEEN A PART OF OUR FOUNDING -- were and are now being pushed as "part of" the Founding of OUR country

Um, the Bible? Written by Jews.
Buy American - MAGA!
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